Podcast: From Refugee to Stock Guru

When my friend Dale Beaumont from Business Blueprint introduced me to Tyron Hyde‘s podcast, I was intrigued, to say the least. It seemed a bit out of the ordinary that someone so entrenched in the property sector would want to pick my brain about the stock market. But jumping into the chat on “Ten with Ty,” I found myself in one of the most engaging and insightful exchanges I’ve had in a while.

Contrary to what you might expect from someone with a background heavily focused on stocks, I found myself advocating for a balanced approach to investment that includes both property and stocks. While I did share my preference for stocks, citing their liquidity and potential for unleveraged growth, I also underscored the value of property investment for its safe leverage opportunities and stability. This balanced viewpoint seemed to take Ty by surprise but also enriched our conversation with a multifaceted perspective on building wealth.

Why This Podcast Episode Is a Must-Listen:

This episode stands out as one of my favorite podcast experiences. Instead of the usual focus on a wealth mindset with only a sprinkle of investment strategy, Ty’s platform allowed me to dive deeper into the technical aspects of stock investing. We covered everything from the critical importance of risk management and the nuances of leverage, to evaluating market indicators, setting up stop losses and making informed investment choices.

What’s in it for you? Beyond the insights and the banter, you’ll get a clear picture of why and how mixing up your investment game with both stocks and property can set you on the path to financial freedom. We tackle everything – understanding market value, the power of a diversified portfolio, and why education in investing is non-negotiable.

If you’re eager to challenge your investment perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the intricate dance between risk and return, this episode of “Ten with Ty” is an absolute must-listen. Join us as we explore how you can navigate the complexities of the investment world, armed with knowledge and a strategic approach to building your wealth.

To your success,

Topics Discussed In This Episode…

  • How I went from a child refugee to a veteran investor, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards financial freedom.
  • How to distinguish share trading from gambling, emphasizing the strategic approach that sets them apart.
  • Why preserving capital is my number one rule in investing, and making money comes second.
  • How my personal history of watching my mother work tirelessly influenced my approach to work and wealth.
  • How to take the guesswork out of share trading, focusing on informed and strategic investment decisions.
  • The three biggest mistakes traders make and how to avoid them, based on my own experiences and observations.
  • My approach to leveraging and why it’s crucial to handle it with care to avoid financial pitfalls.
  • How investing in yourself and gaining knowledge is the key to success in the stock market.
  • The importance of understanding the broader economic and market conditions to make informed investment decisions.
  • How to set and use stop-loss strategies effectively to protect your investments and limit potential losses.


  • “A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at newspapers’ financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.”  – Burton Malkiel
  • “Isn’t share trading like gambling, Terry?”Tryon Hyde
  • Leverage kills you ultimately in the end. It’s crucial to manage it with care to avoid financial pitfalls.” – Terry Tran
  • Preserving capital is my number one rule in investing; making money comes second.” – Terry Tran
  • Educating yourself and gaining knowledge from those who have actually done it is key to success in the stock market.” – Terry Tran
  • Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Knowing what you’re buying and paying the right price are essential to not losing money.” – Terry Tran

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