The financial market is one place that does not care about your hair color, skin color or ethnicity. What matters is you get the right education and put it into action –and your life will never be the same again.

Terry Tran



(Which one resonates with you?)

"At first I was a bit skeptical of how he could achieve some of the returns... But during the course, I think it's a very safe way to invest. Our children will be the real winner in it whether they realise it or not."

  Brad & Kerry Claughton
(Wheat, Canola & Sheep Farmers)

"I am a skeptical person but with this program... I think Terry is very genuine in the fact that he wants to help people succeed... With this system there's no gambling – it's all very safe and secure."

 – Sandra Wilkinson

"I don't risk money anymore... Everyone else was freaking out and we're coming in and buying – it was just like this wave and it popped back out and I literally made 20% like that."

 – Andrew Roberts
(CEO - Farm Owners Academy)

"Trading is interesting and fun, challenging sometimes but I think with Terry’s training it takes most of the challenge out of it. All you have to do is do your homework and follow the rules."

–  Andrew Knight

"Step 1, 2, 3, 4 is all laid out and I really, really like that I can follow it easily and have been and that’s tremendous."

 – Laura Brown

"For the first 6 months I put in a small amount of money and the return was about 12%... I find it quite easy..."

 – Lan Le
(Franchise Business Owner)

"My ROI for the first year was about 21% and strike rate of about 90%. He really is teaching you how to fish as opposed to just handing you fish... He's also quite engaged with the community and it's rare to see a course that has that support in their community."

– Duy Phan
(Construction Manager)

"I know exactly when to buy and sell... The advantage of this system is I have full control. I decide what's good value and what isn't. I get to say what happens to my money, and I think that's nice."

 – Dee Mahon
(National Education Service Manager)

"The stock market was something that I was very wary of... until I learned how Terry does things... Our return-on-investment is hovering between 12.5–15%...
I've got a whole heap of gratitude towards Terry for sharing his knowledge with simple people like ourselves."

– Darren & Fiona Sanders

"It’s heart-wrenching to watch your hard earned cash be burnt and disappear... I’m currently sitting on about an 18% Return On Investment which I’m absolutely stoked with. Considering I’ve burnt an account in like under 2 years, 10 years ago, it’s absolutely amazing, I’m absolutely loving it."

– Paul Tarrant
(Energy Markets Trader)

"You know I invest and Terry’s gonna go “Yeah hang on, well what's the risk here?” And that's what he does, he looks at it and so he identifies the risk and if it's risky, don't do it. That's what made me more comfortable..."

– Wayne Palmer
(State Emergency Services)

"My husband was all about the finances – he did everything, I knew nothing, I got divorced, holy –What am I going to do?... My first year with Terry in doing my investing all on my own, I had an ROI of 22%... I don’t care if I’m going to be 80 years old, 90 years old, these are skills that I’m going to have for the rest of my life."

– Sharon Crane
(Professional Pet Minder)

"8 months in I had barely made a profit. But by the end of 12 months I actually made 19% in my first year. This year I had my super in the market as well , and in 6 months I made 23% so I'm very happy with that. No problem pressing the 'Buy' button anymore!"

– Tricia Butler
(I.T. Specialist &  Coach)

"I realised the best way to look after my money is for me to look after it and not trust too may people. My hit rate is about 80%. ROI is about 15%..."

– Brenton Ferguson

"I thought we were going to spend so much time and effort that we couldn't take care of the kids anymore, but it's not. It's only half an hour of your day...
Our ROI is now 21% so that's like fantastic."

– Chandara Kev & Jun Yu
(Electrical Engineer & Pharmacist)

"I’ve learnt how to not be attached to my investments, the psychology of it, when to buy and sell, how to read the stockcharts, how to setup all my stocks on stockcharts, how to buy and sell – an expensive lesson on why not to use Commsec..."

– Terry Cook

"I am now subscribing to the Inner Circle with Terry, so he actually provides an insight into what he’s trading every week with his portfolio."

– Christin Smith

"It is very very important for someone who is starting is that you have a mentor and you have a group of people who you can communicate with so when you are scared and you’re fearing it actually puts your mind little bit to rest and makes you feel more confident to follow the system."

– Habib Al-Massi
(Oil & Gas Mining Engineer)

"I really like the community... we're all helping each other out... I really feel like I'm part of a community and not just on my own... trying to work things out..."

– Rodney Levy

"Having not known anything, I came out of it thinking I can actually do this! I've learned in this industry, don't be a risk-taker, because I don't want to lose money... Highly recommend Terry."

– Kerry Strugnell
(Pre-School Director)

"Since inception I've made like 8% plus cumulative return 12+ from the start of this year... I'm really grateful to Terry and just his passion and transparency... the way he treats everyone and the teacher in him that no question is too dumb..."

– Brad Mander

"A lot of the courses that I did or looked at, the presenters just presented it and they went away, that was it. There was no community, there was no ongoing support... Terry's was different... You have access to a fantastic community that are very supportive and Terry’s always there in the background jumping and provide support and advice, there’s mentoring calls every two weeks..."

– Chester Cutinha
(Job Flow Supervisor)

"God what the hell was I waiting for? All that time wasted! It’s so safe! It’s so safe, it’s so easy... I never thought share trading could be exciting and I never thought I’d love this but I love it! I love the results and I love the fact that it’s easy and safe."

– Vicky Ho
(Cosmetic Dentist)

"In my kind of work, if I don’t work I don’t earn but in the Freedom Trader if you do stocks, you’ll have the capacity to earn even while you’re not working, even while you’re overseas or you’re on vacation. I think that’s actually my greatest motivation.

– Byron Dy
(Registered Nurse)

"Terry is a teacher who will put things in very simple terms for people to be able to understand, which is essential for me."

– James Doyle
(Airline Pilot)

"Terry's methods is very low risk. For the first six months, I had 48 sales with no losses at all. So I was ahead of the game 100% and smiling a lot... It's been going very well. It's good fun. And I've learnt a heck of a lot along the way."

– Tony Carlisle
(Biomedical Engineer)

"Terry was pretty much a saviour really... He keeps us educated with what's going on... teaching us a lot about the market itself or the economy and what to look out for which is really important.

– Frank Bilotta

"I'm getting 4 times, nearly 5 times what the banks can do. With Terry what I feel is that personal touch that comes back as a human. It's not just about buying shares and then selling them – you can be a friend with Terry."

– Rajesh Mudlapur
(Principal Engineer)

"My strike rate is now 81% and that's what I've really worked at at – not taking those losses and it's beautiful... I'm a very logical person and to me Terry has put together a course based on logic... it's a safe system."

– Maggie Ward

"I knew very little about the share market and now I'm pretty much trading on a regular basis, making consistent profit and knowing the right signals to buy & sell."

– Martin Wong
(Systems Analyst & Modeler)

"We’ve both done the course so it allows us both to feed off each other, bounce ideas off each other whether we’re researching or even placing the trade or selling... We’ve been actively trading with Terry for a little over 2 years now, we’re very happy with his system. Our personal portfolio’s increased 34% in that period so you can’t complain about that, yep it’s all good!"

– Valerie & Jerry Kidd
(Bookkeeper & Boiler Maker)

"It's a community of investors that support each other... So although you're making the decisions yourself, you're not really making them on your own."

"Terry is very much about building a community, not just about him being successful... a lot of people are getting good value out of The Freedom Trader model, but he doesn't just stop at that. He's looking at improving it all the time, making it more understandable. He's looking at ways we can all benefit from the system operating better."

– Geoff Flowers

"I've been recommending my clients go through this program for 3 years."

"My client relationships are so much better with my clients having gone through Terry's program... They're able to make better decisions and also have better communication with me about the portfolios that I manage on their behalf."

"I'd encourage any professional whether they be an accountant, mortgage broker, or financial advisor to put their clients in touch with The Freedom Trader to become students."

– James Gerrard
(Financial Advisor)

"We congratulate each other."

"They all realise they can give away all the information and knowledge they have and it doesn't take anything away from themselves."

"There's a good feeling of openness and communication"

"I really feel like I'm part of a community and not just on my own on an island trying to work things out myself."

– Our Blueprint Student Community

"He's truly genuine and really sincere. He really wants to share with us his experience."

"You can ask any questions – no question is a stupid question"

"The materials even to us (financial consultants) are very informative."

– Our Students From Singapore


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