How To Select A Great Stock Using ROE – Return on Equity

I want to share with you a simple strategy that if you use it straight away, you’re going to see dramatic results.

We cover this extensively in our FREE Masterclass. So make sure you do register for it. It does always book out because we do it live and at the same time we also cover a lot of education in just 90 minutes – we compact what someone would teach in a whole day into a short masterclass. So make sure you do attend – you’ll learn a tonne in a short amount of time.

The simple strategy simply by …

Have You Ever Been Sucked into Shiny New Objects and Lost Money?

Today I want to cover a frustration that I see a lot of people go through which is going for the next shiny object.

It’s such a common thing I hear when I get off from speaking on stage and speak people – people say they’ve been burnt $50,000, scammed out of $100,000 etc.

And it really hurts because I see a lot of people out there teaching the wrong things.

I call them the get-rich-quick type seminars that so many people – maybe yourself or someone that you may know like your family members or friends – they …

From newbie to 24%p.a in first year and now self managing super?

Here we introduce one of our students, Trisha Butler from Adelaide, South Australia who started out with ‘3 Aussie stocks in the bottom drawer’ and never looked at them for years, and within a space of 1 year has achieved an annual portfolio return of 24% with closed trade wins of 90% or basically 9 out of every 10 investments she puts on is a winner.

More importantly her confidence has enabled her to not only look after her mother’s portfolio but to also managed her Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) as well.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can …

The Biggest Frustration Investors and Traders Go Through

I started the Freedom Trader, from just seeing frustrations around people because I went through the same journey 20 years ago by learning from the wrong people and losing a lot of money and just seeing the pain from a lot of people when all of course out there which don’t do a lot of people financial justice.

So I thought okay let’s write a blog and see if there’s any traction of people who want to actually learn the real way of investing trading like a fund manager and managing their capital that way.

So I wrote a blog …