How I Protected My Portfolio During The COVID-19 Crash

In the last few weeks, the stock market has been chaotic.

A lot of people have lost money… unnecessarily.

Thankfully, after years of learning from some of the best fund managers on the planet and practicing how to assess the stock market, I was able to not only minimize my portfolio losses, but also make a slight profit of 0.58% while the market tanked completely.

To put things in perspective:

  • the S&P500 index dropped by 24.24%
  • the Dow Jones decreased by 13.6%.
  • the Australian All Ordinaries Index dropped by 26.4%

The truth is, I was able to see this market

The #1 Biggest Mistake Traders Make When They Start

When you first start trading, it can be very exciting.

You might have learned a few key things about how to invest from reading books, attending a seminar, or going through an online course.

But there’s one particular mistake that almost all new investors and traders make, and it’s something that can be easily avoided.

And that’s this – when people first start trading, they want to get rich quick and make money right away.

I understand where it comes from – most people get into trading because they’re there to make money – and that’s the ultimate result they …

How To Select A Great Stock Using ROE – Return on Equity

I want to share with you a simple strategy that if you use it straight away, you’re going to see dramatic results.

We cover this extensively in our FREE Masterclass. So make sure you do register for it. It does always book out because we do it live and at the same time we also cover a lot of education in just 90 minutes – we compact what someone would teach in a whole day into a short masterclass. So make sure you do attend – you’ll learn a tonne in a short amount of time.

The simple strategy simply by …

Have You Ever Been Sucked into Shiny New Objects and Lost Money?

Today I want to cover a frustration that I see a lot of people go through which is going for the next shiny object.

It’s such a common thing I hear when I get off from speaking on stage and speak people – people say they’ve been burnt $50,000, scammed out of $100,000 etc.

And it really hurts because I see a lot of people out there teaching the wrong things.

I call them the get-rich-quick type seminars that so many people – maybe yourself or someone that you may know like your family members or friends – they …