In the interest of transparency which this industry lacks so badly, theFreedomTrader shares its own, real portfolios and opportunities it finds so members can learn from them to help their own decision making process.

Terry Tran




When it comes to making money with the stock market, you don’t even know where to begin.

  • You want to make a healthy profit...but you’re not keen to gamble your money on risky investments.
  • You’re fascinated with the idea of trading and investing your money wisely...but the market moves so fast that it feels impossible to keep up.
  • You wish you had a place to go for open and honest stock advice...but the financial services industry is shrouded in misinformation and it’s all so hard to understand.

If that’s true for you, you’re in the right place.

The FreedomTrader is a community for normal, everyday investors who want something more out of their lives.

Specifically, we’re after:

 More money to afford the treats and necessities of a meaningful life.
 More time to spend with loved ones (and less at the office).
 More experiences to make the most of our time here on Earth.

We’re the teachers, the office workers, the farmers, the entrepreneurs — the everyday people who don’t want to become professional stock brokers...but do want more safety and security in our lives.

And whether you want to:

 Build a healthy nest egg for retirement
 Afford an amazing education for your kids
 Travel the world and make money from anywhere
 Quit the rat race, because you don’t need your 9-to-5 to support your lifestyle
 Put the money you work so hard for to work for you, like the rich and famous do

...theFreedomTrader will help you get there.


We started as a simple blog to help frustrated investors who didn’t know where to go for authentic, real-life, practical investing tips. But since 2016, we’ve quickly grown into a worldwide community of motivated people looking to live life a little differently.

Everything we teach is based on founder Terry Tran’s philosophy of financial risk management. Through being mentored by Warren Buffet, learning under some of Australia’s top hedge fund managers, and managing millionaire and billionaire client portfolios, Terry learned that profit is a byproduct of good risk management.

Our guiding philosophy is to aim for small, consistent gains over time...while always keeping our money protected.

We admit, it’s not the sexiest tagline. But it grew Terry’s portfolio from $50K to a $1.5Million in just 15 years. And most importantly, he never lost a night of sleep along the way, knowing his investment was safe every step of the journey.

In the interest of transparency (which the financial industry lacks so badly) we share our own, real portfolios and opportunities we find — so you can make your own decisions based on data, not theory. We only teach what we do and use ourselves, which is why we consistently receive 5-star reviews from our community, getting phenomenal results using our common-sense stock strategies.

Since sharing Terry’s system through our signature program, theFreedomTrader Blueprint , over 600 students have learned how to profit with protection. Our students make an average of 20% returns and make a profit on 8-9 out of every 10 stock picks. So suffice it to say, Terry’s worry-free philosophy works!

In addition to the Blueprint program and theFreedomTrader blog which shares new content weekly, the conversation continues inside our free Facebook group, The Trading Floor Community.

So if you’re someone who wants to create financial freedom for yourself, welcome. We’re so glad you’re here. And we can’t wait to help you leverage the stock market, the safe and simple way.


To get started, download your free checklist: 10 Checks to Help You Choose the Best Quality Stocks and Avoid the Majority of Bad Stocks.

You’ll learn my 4-step approach to weed out risky stocks so you’re only picking from the best. If you follow this simple system, you’ll effectively eliminate 99% of the bad stocks out there (yes, really!)...leaving you to choose from the crème de la crème of the market.

Get a copy of my 10 Must-Have Stock Criteria

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Always booked out, our free Masterclass ‘How to PREDICT any Market Crash, PROTECT your Wealth and PROFIT Safely’ will inspire you to take your first step to towards creating true financial freedom outside of your job or business.


Always booked out, our free Masterclass ‘How to PREDICT any Market Crash, PROTECT your Wealth and PROFIT Safely’ will inspire you to take your first step to towards creating true financial freedom outside of your job or business.

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