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March 2024 — Ten with Ty Podcast

Most of my podcast appearances talk about mindset in some way. This is perhaps the most technical episode I've done. Join me on my interview with Tyron on his "Ten with Ty" podcast, where I delve into the intricacies of share trading and wealth building. We debunk the common misconception that trading shares is akin to gambling, emphasizing the importance of strategic investment and risk management. We also discussed the critical role of preserving capital, making informed decisions, and the dangers of leveraging too heavily. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of the stock market and learn practical tips for safe investing, this episode is a must-listen.

>>Watch the podcast episode here

February 2024 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 136)

Ever wondered if your mindset about money is what's truly holding you back? I was re-invited to the Profitable Farmer podcast to discuss something a little different to the usual topics I cover – how shifting our mindset from scarcity to abundance can unlock our financial potential. We explored the transition from seeing money as hard to come by to recognizing it as accessible and abundant. As someone who came to Australia as a refugee, I shared my journey and insights on creating wealth through a change in psychology. It's one of my favourite podcast episodes to date.

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February 2024 — The ToolShed Podcast (Episode 61)

On my second visit to the Toolshed Podcast with builders' business coach Mick Hawes, we uncovered the secrets behind mastering money management and leveraging investment strategies for true financial independence. From my early days in the corporate world to thriving in the stock market and real estate, I've navigated the complex journey to where I am today. We discussed not just the importance of diversifying your portfolio but also the mindset shifts necessary to ensure long-term success and stability.

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November 2023 — Burnout to Abundance Podcast (Episode 2)

Struggling with burnout? I hit rock bottom in my 20s with a career burnout, but I turned it around. On Dr. Grace Sha's podcast, I share my journey, from learning vital lessons to finding my passion in trading and investing. Tune in for my story and tips on beating burnout, achieving work-life balance, and enjoying life. 

>>Watch the podcast episode here

August 2023 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 125)

Dive into the latest Profitable Farmer podcast where I unravel the complexities of today's global economy, predicting a looming recession and navigating rising rates and inflation. Together with Jeremy, I discussed strategic investment amidst uncertainty, advising to 'be the whale'—navigating through economic storms with wisdom.

>>Watch the podcast episode here

July 2023 — Entrepreneurs Rising Podcast (Episode 81)

In the pursuit of financial security, risk minimization is key. In my second guest appearance on the Entrepreneurs Rising podcast, I highlight the importance of diversification, through various asset classes like property, market shares, and ETFs. For business owners, learning this investing skill can protect wealth and reduce risks, ensuring safe business growth over time.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Entrepreneurs Rising site

May 2023 — The Toolshed Podcast (Episode 20)

In this episode, my good friend Mick Hawes and I debunk investment myths, discuss the nuances between trading and investing, and share some nifty strategies for financial stability. This episode is brimming with insights that can help you on your journey to financial freedom. Listen to the podcast here and let's get your money to work!

>>Watch the podcast here

April 2023 — Entrepreneurs Rising Podcast (Episode 60)

In this episode, we talk about making money through outside investments. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, full-time business owner, or investor, understanding how to make money from outside investments can be key to building and securing financial success. Listen to this episode to discover what you can do to make more money outside your business.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Entrepreneurs Rising site

March 2023 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 115)

With rising inflation, increasing interest rates, ongoing supply issues and softening commodity prices we are potentially entering a new economic landscape. In this podcast, Terry discusses the importance of creating diversification with a strong, well-structured, risk-aware off-farm investment portfolio, and explores Robert Kiyasaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

August 2022 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 102)

As our world continues to change, our commodity and investment markets continue to be impacted by an ongoing series of externalities. Terry was invited back to the Profitable Farmer Podcast to help farmers understand the current market conditions and to offer direction on navigating a significant recent market correction.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

June 2022 — The Australian Business Review

Interest rates are rising - but what does this mean for investors? Should the be buying growth or value stocks? Terry was invited to be on the Australian Business Review's Money Cafe podcast to discuss this topic as well as share some tips to get more tax-free income in retirement.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Australian Business Review site

March 2022 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 92)

Once again, the farming world has taken a surprising and unprecedented turn – on the back of fires, COVID, floods… and now war. After a period of economic expansion and optimism, we now find ourselves experiencing a global shift to the market we operate in. Terry was invited back to the Profitable Farmer podcast to discuss what this all means for farmers investing in the stock market.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

May 2021 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 73)

What's happening with the global economy given the ongoing pandemic? What impact might significant government intervention have and what might we expect in terms of inflation, interest rates and economic recovery? Terry discusses this on the Profitable Farmer Podcast.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

June 2020 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 53)

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on so many small business owners, big businesses, and economies across the globe. It has been fascinating to watch the markets over the past 4 months as this pandemic unfolds. In this podcast, Terry discusses what has happened, how it’s impacted the stock market and his prediction for our recovery in the short and long-term.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

January 2020 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 43)

Creating balance sheet wealth long-term must be our primary focus, even when challenged in the here-and-now. Success in anything starts with KNOWLEDGE. With this in mind, Terry shares his story, his passion to help people create wealth through direct share investing, his investment philosophy and his view on why farming families make such good investors.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

August 2019 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 33)

Is now an amazing timing to pick up some stock opportunities? Are we heading for a recession? What's the value of land right now and should farmers be trying to buy more land right now? Terry answers all these questions and shares how investing is just like planting a crop and the power of timing.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

May 2019 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 27)

Being an entrepreneurial farmer today can be tough. There seems to be more work and less time to get things done…and you need to devote even more energy into running your business than ever before. And despite all that…most farmers are barely getting by financially. In this episode, Terry has an honest chat about money and “getting ahead” with Farm Owners Academy founder Andrew Roberts.

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

February 2019 — Profitable Farmer Podcast (Episode 22)

Farming is hard work. On top of the long hours, one rocky season can wipe out all your profits. For this reason, Andrew Roberts from Farm Owners Academy reached out to us to invite Terry to educate farmers on how they can create wealth outside their farm and generate money while they sleep...

>>Listen to the podcast on the Farm Owners Academy site

February 2018 — Push to Shove Podcast (Episode 2)

What do you do when push comes to shove? In this podcast episode, Terry shares how he was able to quit his full time job by investing and trading in the financial markets.

>>Watch the podcast episode on YouTube


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