Podcast: Burnout to Abundance

I’ve got a story to tell, and I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. It’s all about how I went from feeling totally burned out to living a life full of abundance. It’s a tale of resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of true financial freedom.

In this podcast, hosted by the incredible Dr. Grace Sha, I open up about my personal experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, and the strategies that have helped me achieve my dreams.

We dug into everything – my ups and downs, what I learned along the way, and how I managed to turn things around.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover when you tune in:

The Burnout Wake-Up Call: I’ll take you back to my early 20s when I was working tirelessly in a high-stress corporate job. You’ll hear about the pivotal moment when I experienced a blackout at work, a wake-up call that changed my life forever.

Recognizing Burnout: Learn about the early signs and symptoms of burnout and why it’s crucial to address them before it’s too late. Work-life balance is more than just a buzzword, and I’ll explain why.

Lessons from the Abyss: I’ll share three powerful lessons I learned during my burnout journey, including the importance of scheduling balance into your life, maintaining a healthy diet, and planning vacations.

The Blessing in Disguise: Discover how my burnout became a blessing that led me to a completely different career path – one that’s all about trading and investing. Find out how I turned my life around and found my true calling.

Preventing Burnout: I’ll offer practical tips to prevent burnout, from using a simple timer technique to scheduling breaks and vacations in advance. You’ll also learn the value of finding joy in exercise and making it an enjoyable part of your routine.

Work-Life Balance: Understand why achieving work-life balance is essential not only for your well-being but also for your productivity. Hear about the benefits of looking forward to leisure time and how it can rejuvenate your spirit.

I invite you to listen to this podcast and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Whether you’re facing burnout, seeking financial freedom, or simply looking for inspiration, my story has something valuable to offer you.

Join me, as I share my path from burnout to abundance, and together, let’s explore the keys to a balanced and fulfilling life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your own story – tune in now!

Watch and listen to the podcast and start your journey to abundance today.

To your success,

Topics Discussed In This Episode…

  • How I went from burnout in a high-stress corporate job to financial freedom in my early 20s
  • Discover how a blackout at work led to a life-changing awakening
  • Why recognizing early signs of burnout is crucial
  • How to proactively schedule balance into your life for lasting wellness
  • The impact of a healthy diet and why it’s essential for maintaining energy
  • Why planning vacations can be a key strategy for preventing burnout
  • My daily routine to ensure work, play, and health are harmoniously balanced
  • My top 3 actionable tips to prevent burnout
  • A simple timer technique can improve focus and mental well-being
  • The importance of planning breaks and vacations in advance
  • Finding joy in exercise by doing activities you genuinely enjoy


  • When you work, your work, your work, and when you play, you play, so there’s none of that sort of grey zone.” – Terry Tran
  • When you schedule something, it happens, and if you don’t schedule it, it will never happen.” – Terry Tran
  • Work hard, but have something to look forward to while you’re working hard.” – Dr. Grace Sha

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