If you want to have enough to give to others, you will need to take care of yourself first.

A tree that refuses water and sunlight for itself, can't bear fruits for others.

— Emily Maroutian


A big part of The Freedom Trader is the practice of 'paying it forward' – helping to elevate others in positions we were once in ourselves or less fortunate than our own.

Together with our team and community, we're dedicated to creating positive changes in the world — whether that's with helping people achieve their financial goals, have access to education, or saving wildlife.


When asked "what would you like to do once you achieve your financial goals?", the typical person will say things such as:

  • "I'll quit my job and travel the world" (more experiences)
  • "I'll spend more time with the people I love" (more time)
  • "I'll enjoy all the luxuries life has to offer" (more indulgence)
  • "I'll work on improving the quality of my life" (more focus on health/self)

But when we ask people who have actually achieved their financial goals the same question, the answer is almost always something along the lines of:

  • "I've done the whole "travel the world" and "do whatever I want" thing – now I want to make a difference" (more impact)

We can see this psychological effect replicated in some of the world's most wealthy people. For example:

  • Elon Musk decided to invest all the money he got from selling PayPal into starting Tesla and SpaceX
  • Bill Gates has dedicated much of his wealth and time to many philanthropic causes related to climate change, global health and education.

This is exactly what Terry experienced himself when he achieved his financial freedom.

After about 18 months of non-stop travelling and indulging in life's little luxuries, Terry found himself lacking purpose and meaning. It also didn't help that most of his friends and family were all working full-time jobs while he had all this time to himself.

That's what led him to start The Freedom Trader — to help others achieve a similar level of self-actualization.

As such, our philosophy and overarching mission at The Freedom Trader is to help as many people achieve their financial goals so that they can take care of themselves, and subsequently:

  • Pay things forward by help others do the same
  • Giving back to the community through funding social causes


Together with our students, and partnered with B1G1, here's what we've achieved so far...


Sabre Education operates in southern Ghana to provide education to poor and marginalised children. Like us, Sabre Education recognises the importance of education in helping to even the playing field when it comes to eventual success in adulthood, so they're on a mission to ensure all children are given the best possible early education.

To learn more about Sabre Education, click here

Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) is an initiative based on the simple idea of "What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?" After meeting B1G1's co-founder Paul Dunn, we were sold on the idea and decided to partner with them to make paying it forward a part of The Freedom Trader's already impact-making activities.

To learn more about B1G1, click here

Virgin Unite is a non-profit organisation founded by Sir Richard Branson, which looks to unite people and entrepreneurial ideas for a better world. At The Freedom Trader, we're big advocates of not "giving a man a fish, but rather teaching a man to fish for himself." Virgin Unite aligns with this mentality, by providing support and education to entrepreneurs (among many other causes).

To learn more about Virgin Unite, click here

Animals Australia is Australia's leading animal protection organisation with raising awareness on animal cruelty. As a lover of nature, wildlife, and all living things in general, Terry is passionate about ensuring animals stay protected.

To learn more about Animals Australia, click here


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