Have You Ever Been Sucked into Shiny New Objects and Lost Money?

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Today I want to cover a frustration that I see a lot of people go through which is going for the next shiny object.

It’s such a common thing I hear when I get off from speaking on stage and speak people – people say they’ve been burnt $50,000, scammed out of $100,000 etc.

And it really hurts because I see a lot of people out there teaching the wrong things.

I call them the get-rich-quick type seminars that so many people – maybe yourself or someone that you may know like your family members or friends – they get caught up with these so-called financial and unscrupulous people that are out there educating the wrong thing.

So how do you actually avoid that? 

3 Tips To Avoid Dodgy Get-Rich-Quick Type Seminars

#1 – Check Out Their Background

Number one is that I believe that you should check out their pedigree. You know have they actually or are they doing it for themselves? They might be but are they successful?

#2 – Are They Transparent?

Number two also are they very transparent and showing their real record? In other words, you know what are they actually doing and investing in on a daily basis.

#3 – Have They Managed A Fund Before?

And finally number three. I think it’s so important that they also find out if whether they also invest on behalf of other people.

In other words, have they ever manage a fund before?

Like myself I’ve managed a fund which is why over the past 15 years, my biggest thing is all about risk management and not about the profit. The profits is what I call a byproduct of great risk management strategies.

And if they’d never managed people’s money before, I think that I do not believe that they’ve got the right pedigree to also go out there and teach people because that is when they teach the wrong things.

They’re focusing on the profits, they get you in of course, they give you the shiny object and you get caught up in that.

So they’re the three main tips that I want to share with you today and to make sure that you don’t get caught up in another get rich quick program or another shiny object.

You know find someone who teaches well even just go to our blogs and there’s a ton of information and free education already there including our Masterclass.

So comment below. I’d love to know about your thoughts and what’s your experience has been.

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