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Tracey Leak

The good thing about Terry is that he makes it in such a way that you’re comfortable learning it, you start to learn things in a step by step nature. The thing I admire the most is he’s got really great values…see full video testimonial here.

Tracey Leak Business Coach,
Jacinta Petrie Jacinta Petrie, Brisbane, Australia,

"Wow, wow, wow Terry, thank you so much for putting together your free on-line course. It was so simple, easy to understand and informative. I wish I had this information 20 years ago. Terry Tran is the real deal. Terry is very generous with his time, experiences and knowledge and will save you time, heartache and tens of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.
I have learnt over the years that the best way to from point A to B is to follow a proven path. Terry can show you how to get from A to B without having to learn from your own mistakes, protecting your capital and make a profit"

Alan Chan Alan Chan, Sydney, Australia,

"I have always been fascinated with the idea of trading and investing my money wisely. With the simple videos and narration this course has made understanding the critical points and processes so easy to digest and follow.  Terry has cut straight through the fat and given only what is absolutely necessary to demystify trading for yourself. By understanding how to trade with Terry's systems I will not be gambling my hard earned dollars anymore but instead be able to create wealth straight away and minimise learning from "mistakes" which is how most wanna be traders begin their careers."

Elena Chung Elena Chung, Sydney, Australia, CPA

Thank you Terry for creating a brilliant  free online introductory course on investing and trading. It is a  fabulous  tool especially for first timers who want to get a start on investing. They are easy to follow, straight to the point  and informative without all the financial jargon.  I can't wait for the next round of online investment course you put together!

Marcus Dowling Marcus Dowling, Sydney, Australia,

"In going through Terry's short course on the share markets and trading, I had my eyes opened to considering some well-founded and successfully proven ways to invest and protect our future income through diversification into the share and trading markets. I believe that people interested in their own financial security and future can benefit from Terry’s short trading course in evaluating options for diversifying their income as well as being more informed when it comes to managing their own investment portfolios"

Download Your FREE 10 Steps to Double Your Returns

Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared

MJ MJ, Sydney, Australia

"I knew a little about investing and trading but was fearful to do anything due to lack of knowledge and because of all the hype about it. But after going through Terry's course, I feel anyone can really do this and gain from it as much as I have enjoyed and learnt from it. I highly recommend Terry's course."

Aaron Uitenbroek Aaron Uitenbroek, Iowa, United States, i10 Research

"I have seen what Terry teaches and his easy to understand and easy to implement style makes what can be a complex subject approachable by just about anyone. Any investor at any level would do well to take notes of what Terry has to say regarding managing their investment funds."

Nick Teoh Nick Teoh, Melbourne, Australia

"Before learning from Terry, I could barely spell ROI let alone explain what it meant to someone else! Terry takes complex financial concepts and presents them in a way that anyone can understand. Just spend ten minutes a day reading his blog or learning from his online program, you'll be impressed at how much knowledge you'll gain."

Linda McIntosh Linda McIntosh, Melbourne, Australia

"I found the course to be very informative and it was easy to understand as someone coming from a non-financial background. The emphasis on fundamentals is a very sound approach, helping to narrow down the focus to stocks that have every reason to continue to perform strongly over the longer term."

Download Your FREE 10 Steps to Double Your Returns

Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared

Chandara Kev Chandara Kev, Sydney, Australia

"Terry is one of the most trustworthy honest person I've ever known with great integrity. He has the world of knowledge and vast trading experience in stock trading, especially the American market. Most amazingly, he is willing to share his knowledge with the rest of us through this course. I've found that the course is valuable and informative, it is taught in simple terms with no jargon. I surely will be using his course, especially the simple stock checklist to select my future stock investments. I am confident who ever has the chance to complete this course will find it beneficial, especially for beginners."

Ashley Chen Ashley Chen, Sydney, Australia

"I have recently gone through Terry’s online course. Terry has explained all the financial jargons in such a simple way that it is so much fun and easy to understand. I now believe it is possible for me to generate passive income through investing and trading even I don’t have any formal education in finance. I always look forward to the next lesson after another. By following Terry’s simple yet profound guidance, you will gain solid understandings of how to look for good investments yourself and also have fun doing it along the way!"

Jenny Donnelly Jenny Donnelly, Sydney, Australia

"Terry has an energetic and vibrant personality who wins people over with his big smile. He has a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge. Terry produced a series of 8 videos which explains in simple terms what factors to look for when considering making a stock investment. What I liked about the videos is that they are short, sharp and easy to understand. These videos will help those who have zero to minimal knowledge in share trading and provide them with the tools to be confident when seeking opportunities in the stock market."

Danny P, Sydney, Australia

"Warren Buffett said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. The great thing about Terry is that he has these three qualities and most importantly he is someone who has integrity, someone with the character you can trust, which is rare in the financial world. He has create a step by step approach for the average investor or trader to adopt. I'am excited to walk this path with him by my side and to learn the skills to build my financial intelligence."

Download Your FREE 10 Steps to Double Your Returns

Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared

Download Your FREE 10 Steps to Double Your Returns

Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared