Buyer Beware: Why Leveraged Investing is Dangerous (Explained!) 

I want to ask you a controversial question:

Have you ever been caught up in get-rich-quick seminars and courses?

I know for a fact that a lot of people (maybe yourself or a family or friend that you know – even including myself in the past) go for the quick buck – they get caught up in the get-rich-quick mentality with some of the seminars and courses out there.

But investing and trading does not work like that.

Are there people who have been able to generate significant profits in a short amount of time? Definitely.

But are those people usually able to generate that same significant profit over and over again consistently across the entire market cycle? Unlikely.

In fact, I hear it all the time – people who come up to me saying things like:

    • “Is that all you get from your returns?”
    • “I’m going to double / triple my money in a year”
    • “My broker can do 50x leverage so I don’t need much to start”
    • “Do you do covered calls / spreads?”
    • “What’s your thoughts about Bitcoin?”
    • “I’m going to become a day trader”

As soon as I hear statements like these, I’m immediately worried for them.

Unless they’ve been doing it full-time professionally for the last decade or so, more often than not they’ve recently attended a hype-ey, get-rich-quick type investing / trading seminar filled with financial porn.

And now they’re about to undertake some serious risks with their hard-earned money.

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The Steam Roller Analogy

Here’s the thing with undertaking risky and leveraged investments…

First, I want you to imagine $100,000 in cash on the floor and a steam roller that is approaching it. This picture should help:

That $100,000 pile is pretty appealing.

Think about it – all you have to do is run in, grab the money and run out in time and you’ll instantaneously be $100,000 richer.

Simple, right?

That’s basically what these get-rich-quick seminars and courses are telling you when they say you can double or triple your money and replace your full-time income with very little initial capital over a short period of time.

BUT, what they neglect to tell you, however, is that the steam roller can, at any time change its speed in approaching the $100,000 pile of cash – which means that while there’s a possibility you may be able to run in and out with the huge returns, there’s also a pretty good chance you might be crushed completely.

That’s what the markets can be like during times of great volatility.

And so what you’ll find is that during great, prosperous times, very significant profits can be generated. But during not so prosperous times, it can be very dangerous – causing people to lose their entire life savings and burning their accounts overnight.

I would know I personally lost $100,000 in my early days of investing following bad advice from these so-called ‘experts’.

Paul Tarrant: From Burnt & Cynical to Successful in 6 Months

That’s exactly what happened with one of my Blueprint students Paul Tarrant, before he came across my Blueprint system.

More than 10 years ago, he completely burnt his stock account following bad advice from get-rich-quick seminars.

Gone, just like that.

Paul was so upset by the experience that he actually quit trading entirely and focused on other investment types.

By pure chance, one day Paul attended a seminar where I happened to be speaking. And even though he was sure the stock market wasn’t for him, he listened to my talk on how to make money in the market without taking big risks…

Today, he says he’s hovering around 18% ROI.

And most importantly, he’s absolutely loving it! Paul actually enjoys it so much now that he hopes to be able to quit his corporate job and trade full-time over the next five years.

Click here to learn more about Paul Tarrant’s journey

Don’t Take Silly Risks

Remember – your hard-earned money is precious. So don’t take silly risks when investing in the hopes of achieving financial freedom overnight.

Watching your hard-earned cash get burnt in the stock market and disappear is just heart-wrenching. And it’s not worth the extra returns you might be able to get.

Like I always say:

Real profit comes from always managing risk first and foremost

Don’t chase shiny objects.

Beware of financial porn that promises the golden ticket to your freedom, and always take the time to conduct your own research on opportunities before pouncing on them – even if the advice or stock tip comes from a reputable source (even if it’s from me!).

Help Me Save Families from Financial Ruin

After being burnt myself, and seeing many other families lose their entire life savings after following bad advice from the wrong teachers, I’ve made it my mission to save at least 10,000 families from ever facing this again.

So please, if you resonate with this message and you’d like to help your friends and family stay safe from the seductive grasp of get-rich-quick advice, like and share this post with them.

Stay Safe,

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