How To Select A Great Stock Using ROE – Return on Equity

I want to share with you a simple strategy that if you use it straight away, you’re going to see dramatic results.

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The simple strategy simply by …

Have You Ever Been Sucked into Shiny New Objects and Lost Money?

Today I want to cover a frustration that I see a lot of people go through which is going for the next shiny object.

It’s such a common thing I hear when I get off from speaking on stage and speak people – people say they’ve been burnt $50,000, scammed out of $100,000 etc.

And it really hurts because I see a lot of people out there teaching the wrong things.

I call them the get-rich-quick type seminars that so many people – maybe yourself or someone that you may know like your family members or friends – they …

How to FOCUS When Investing and Trading


In this video you will learn how to focus when investing and trading the financial markets, so you can profit without feeling stressed out trying to take out a profit every day.

I cover this extensively in our Inner Circle program, but here are a few keys points to help you out;

  1. Don’t. My advice is to never ever compare yourself to others.
  2. Don’t have an expectation of any particular amount of daily profit when you’re investing or trading.
  3. focus on the process. Never the result.

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Hi, It’s Terry …

What You Need to Know Before Buying IPOs

What You Need to Know Before Buying IPOs

What You Need to Know Before Buying IPOs, when considering buying initial public offerings (IPOs), it is essential to understand what we are getting ourselves into. There are many lead managers and lawyers making money on IPOs, but for the rest of us, the investors, it isn’t always the case. It’s easy to wind up buying over-priced companies tied to less than inspiring sectors. There are endless numbers of IPOs on the ASX that seemed promising, but wound either sputtering along above the issue price for a short time and then crashed or it simply took a nose dive out …

The Pros and Cons of Global Trading

The Pros and Cons of Global Trading

This year, we just experienced a turbulent year for our portfolios. There were a few optimistic events, but we also saw a flood of negative news.

When the markets were doing well, it was viewed as a ‘risk on event’. When they were not doing as well, it was deemed a ‘risk off’ event. We witnessed the global markets fluctuate widely as a result of fear that the U.S. economy was going to fall off the edge of a fiscal precipice and concerns of a euro-zone break-up, among other events. Achieving positive returns in light of continuous fluctuations was not …