"If You're So Successful, Then
 Why Are You Teaching?"

"You only make money teaching others.
Not by doing."

"You're just a slick snake oil salesman"

"If you shared everything, how would you make money yourself?"

Hey, it's Terry here.

The simple answer to this question is I enjoy teaching others and seeing them succeed.

The longer and more detailed answer is this:

Life is not an even playing ground. But regardless of the cards you're dealt with (your background and resources), there's always been two things that allow the playing field to be evened out — education and relationships.

Whether it's through education or connecting like-minded people together, I have a burning desire to help guide employees and business owners towards finding more freedom and meaning in their personal and professional lives.

I live and breathe finance and investing. It's been my passion and career focus ever since I experienced first-hand the power of generosity from a stranger as a child while I saw my mum struggle financially. (Long story short, a complete stranger generously offered to pay for my late father's funeral after a sudden accident took his life away while we were stranded at a Malaysian refugee camp having escaped the Vietnam War by boat).

For that reason, I truly believe one should give back when others have helped you along your path to success and it truly makes me happy when I get to hear of how lives have been changed.

My only wish is that once you've learned how to generate your own wealth and you're able to look after yourself and your family comfortably (whether it be through the Blueprint program or other means), you also pay it forward by helping out others - no matter how small the deed is.

After all, there's only so much impact I can have as an individual...

"It’s really created opportunities for me so I’m really thankful to Terry and just his passion and his transparency, the way he treats everyone and the teacher in him. And you know that no question is too dumb, like I ask pretty dumb questions but we all learn from each other and just the community that Terry’s created – even when you ask questions on there you always get someone offering advice or providing a hopeful solution for your question. My life has changed a lot over the last 12 months that I wouldn’t have envisaged happening if it wasn’t for Terry. I’m really grateful for what he’s done and for what he’s allowed me to do."

— Brad Mander (Nurse)

"It’s actually Terry himself, the man he is that allowed me to feel comfortable to take the step. He’s actually lived and breathed it and experienced the whole gamut to have a really good understanding of how the system works and what does work and he knows what doesn’t work and - Which is extremely important - knowing what doesn’t work. I’ve got a whole heap of gratitude towards Terry for sharing his knowledge with simple people like ourselves."

— Darren & Fiona Sanders (Farmers)

"Terry is - yeah he’s a good guy. He’s one of the most authentically, genuine people you could ever meet. He’s interested in people, personally, it’s not just a business thing to him. He goes out of his way to make people feel welcome and to feel like they belong in the community of traders which he’s formed which is one of the best parts about the whole thing is the Facebook community and knowing that I can ask questions there and get help at any moment."

— Dee Mahon (National Education Service Manager)

"Highly recommend Terry and he's so giving and you know, wants to give back to the community and that's what I love. Just fits with all my values about giving and helping others. And that's why the program is so great. "

— Kerry Strugnell (Pre-School Director)

"Terry’s great! He’s really good yeah he’s really good, he'll answer questions, he sort of keeps an eye on the Facebook group; if there’s any answers that he needs to add he does add it. He keeps us educated with what’s going on like the last 12 months have been different to the 12 months previous which is fantastic actually of late he’s been teaching us a lot about the market itself or the economy and what to look out for which is really important, I really needed that information to secure myself so if there’s another GFC or something like that that happens I can probably read it and understand it before it does happen."

— Frank Bilotta (Builder)

"He explains things the best he can and if you don't get it the first time, he'll explain it another way. And just the fact that you know he is there to answer any questions and always makes you feel welcome to ask your questions. Not only is he a good teacher but he's honest – and that's what I was looking for - someone really honest, really open, put the cards on the table, said what it is, how it is, how it all works and answered my questions thoroughly and honestly and that's probably what got me here and has kept me here and it's been - I've just learnt so much, so much. Yeah, his passion for it rubs off on us as well."

— Laura Brown (Retail)

"I’m very comfortable with what Terry is teaching and what Terry is doing. With Terry what I feel is that personal touch that comes back as a human. It’s not about buying shares and then selling them and that kind of stuff, it is also the fortnightly things that Terry gives up and the talks and the software that you get as, you can be a friend with Terry. "

— Rajesh Mudlapar (Principal Engineer)

"I am a skeptical person but with this program I don't know I just felt so comfortable that I didn't really have any concerns and I don't have any concerns now. I think Terry is very genuine in the fact that he wants to help people and he wants people to succeed."

— Sandra Wilkinson (Retired)

"I really believe that Terry enjoys contributing and making a difference to people and gets a lot of satisfaction from that."

— Rodney Levy


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