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“Our mission is to serve the independent private investor and trader, to create the mindset, the risk management, the investment systems, and to share tools and resources that guide you through your unique financial wealth creation journey.”

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Founder of theFreedomTrader, Terry Tran is a leading fund manager who has been mentored by many of the world's greatest investors and traders.

He also has a dream. A dream which he's been able to fulfil over the years and he truly believes that anyone with enough desire and patience can achieve. It’s not to have the most money, the most toys and material possessions, as one can never win that game and be truly happy. It’s for you to achieve the following; financial, time, location and experiences freedom.

To be able to work anywhere around the world, travel this wonderful Earth we have been blessed to live on, and yet support your family doing what you love from anywhere around the world and creating a balanced lifestyle knowing your future is secure from your knowledge and abilities gained through learning how to invest and trade the right way, profitably, consistently and most importantly safely.

It’s more than possible to support yourself and your family once you ‘get’ how investing and trading really works.

That you’re more capable today than ever before of building an investing and trading framework that gets you out of the nine to five never ending 'cubicle nation grind', and into a sustainable consistent profits income, enabling you and your family to truly live a life of freedom doing only what you love.

You also don’t need a big pile of money to start or to burn through the savings account to do it.

There are more excellent tools, resources, and proven ideas available today than ever before (so much, in fact, that it can be quite overwhelming).

He knows a lot about what it takes to build a sustainable private investment career because he's done it, but only after two years of initial struggle and account blow-ups. You don't need to nor want to go through what he went through.

That’s what he does; He invests and trades privately everyday for his clients and family, and he wishes to share how you can do the same too, managing your own ‘Freedom Fund’.

What We Create

To that end we create a number of things: we publish a variety of articles relating to mindsets, actual investments we’ve completed and the most important lessons or ideas every week at our blog, where thousands of people have learned how to invest and trade 'the right way' safely. We also create training for and foster a vital community of people building their skills, to step up and become a successful investor and trader. We call this training Freedom Trader Blueprint. This is our home base, where best practices and modern insights are turned into an actionable course and where people find knowledge, support, accountability, mentorship and investment wisdom. At theFreedomTrader, we’re building the most supportive community for independent private investors and traders who wish to take back their life.

Follow Along

Before we go further, if the idea of investing, trading and supporting yourself to create financial and time freedom fires you up, whether you’re down the road or just starting out, you should signup to get our free weekly email from us. Our emails are small and meaty, built to keep you inspired and productive, because sometimes the next step is pretty damn tough to take on your own. Signup and we’ll send you our complementary 10 Step Fast Start Stock Checklist , a powerful resource to begin your investing and trading journey the right way, profitable, consistent and safe.

We sincerely want to help and make a difference...

Why we want to help you figure this out is because when we started, there was not one place to could go to get all the right information needed. There is alot of BS out there you gotta avoid.

So when we began, we didn’t know you needed the right trading mindset as a foundation, how to manage overall portfolio risk, how to determine how much to place on each trade, what trading systems to use and if the market conditions were right to trade or not.

So our mission is to help you learn faster, show you how to do it well and then put everything you learn into practice.

We don’t want you to go through the same sleepless nights wondering if you have taken on too much risk, if you should trade in this market or not, if you have put on the right trade size to fulfil your long term financial goals and are your systems even working as they should be.

We just want to show you what to do so you can just go and do it.

Our main mission is to be able to say that we made a difference to someone’s life and be able to answer Yes to the question, Did We Make a Difference?

A common rough spot for training of all kinds is how students fizzle out in the space between attending expensive live seminars or online lessons and actual trading. In trading, like life, you’ve got to apply what you’ve learned. The doing is where the learning comes to fruition. We intend to create space for both the learning and the doing.

We hope this page answers any questions you have about theFreedomTrader.

Hope to see you around and welcome to your new wealth creation journey if you choose...

Discover the 10 Simple Steps to Double Your Returns Safely

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