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This is Rajesh Mudlapar's  Freedom Trader Journey

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Rajesh Mudlapar joined The Freedom Trader Blueprint because he wanted to save for retirement and he wanted to learn the skills of investing himself, rather than relying on a fund manager to do it for him.

In his first year, he got 10% returns on his initial investment—which is better than many hedge fund managers can get! But in his second year, as he got more experience and felt more comfortable with the system, he DOUBLED those results and got 20% returns.

Rajesh is thrilled and says, “I’m getting 4 times, 5 times what the banks can do!

The beauty of learning this yourself is that the knowledge is yours for a lifetime. You’ll continue to improve and refine your results the longer you stick with it....So just imagine how skilled you’ll be as an eighty-year old making trades in between visits with the grandkids! ;)


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