Staying Ahead of the Business & Economic Environment

An Economic Update for Business Owners, Farmers and Investors

Watch this 20-minute update to learn what's happening this quarter
and how it might affect your business and investments

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What You'll Learn In This Update:

The 4 Major Economies That
Affect and Drive Your Wealth

Learn the 4 major economies that affect and drive your wealth – whether that's your business, career or investments. These 4 economies pretty much dictate the direction of the global economy, and getting insight into them will give us an idea of what is likely to happen in the near future.

The 6 Risk Factors For
Recessions and Market Crashes

There are 6 primary risk factors in economies that can give us an indication of whether the world is going to go through a recession or market crash soon. In this update, we're going to analyse each of the 4 major economies and break down the numbers in an easy-to-understand format.

How The Latest Events Might 
Affect Your Business and Investments

And finally, we're going to translate what those key numbers and figures mean for YOU – what do the world events and current state of the 4 economies mean for your business, your career, and your investments? We'll go through that too.

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