The financial market is one place that does not care about your hair color, skin color or ethnicity. What matters is you get the right education and put it into action –and your life will never be the same again.

Terry Tran


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The testimonials on this page are genuine and authentic testimonials received from our students who have completed one or both of our programs and are sharing their own opinions and experiences. Please note that past success and/or performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

"They take a fair bit of effort take the jargon out of things and make it in ways that are easily absorbed and good analogies... I haven't felt throughout the process that I'm at risk when I'm doing it. You are taking risk, but based on the techniques he teaches you about... that spreads the risk, and I've been very comfortable about doing that."

– Bill Alexander
(Cattle Farmer / Engineer)

"At first I was a bit skeptical of how he could achieve some of the returns... But during the course, I think it's a very safe way to invest. Our children will be the real winner in it whether they realise it or not."

  Brad & Kerry Claughton
(Wheat, Canola & Sheep Farmers)

"We (as farmers) understand that things don't happen overnight so we plant a seed and we reap that reward in 6 months' time – it's not different to buying a good stock – you gotta be patient, wait for it to be good value."

  Ben Taylor
(Wheat, Chickpeas, Sorghum & Cotton Farmer)

"The first interaction we had with Terry... he said that the number one rule is to preserve your capital, and I liked that."

 – Richard and Kaye McInnerney
(Cattle Farmers)

"The stock market was something that I was very wary of... until I learned how Terry does things... Our return-on-investment is hovering between 12.5–15%...
I've got a whole heap of gratitude towards Terry for sharing his knowledge with simple people like ourselves."

– Darren & Fiona Sanders
(Wool, Lamb and Lucerne Seed Farmers)

"What I liked was the way that he put some thought into how you were going to approach it - what the steps are going to be - I like that methodical approach and you get the feel more."

–  Alastair Shannon
(Cattle Farmer)

"We're after the long-term rather than making the big bucks now... He talks like you're just talking to a mate, and explaining it simply... I like that he does what he preaches and he actually shows you - some are willing to tell you what to do but they're not willing to show what they're really doing. Terry's got skin in the game and he's willing to share."

– Nicole
(Broad Acre Farmer)

"It doesn't take a huge amount of time. Most mornings I can do it within 10 minutes... What I like about it is there's calculated risk - you're doing the research... It's not sensationalized. It's very down-to-earth, good information. That fills me up with confidence."

– Jane Kellock
(Sheep & Grain Farmer)

"I had never dabbled in stocks and I felt that it was for the upper echelon and probably hard for the plebs to get in... but with the rules, market indicators and the information we're given through the Inner Circle and The Freedom Trader (Blueprint), I feel a lot more confident."

– Derek Bade
(Retired Farmer)

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