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How To PREPARE for any Market Crash, 

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Discover My Freedom Trader™ Process

Tools are only as good as your ability to know how to use them.

In this Masterclass, I reveal my 3-part process that has grown my portfolio and kept it out of harm's way during market crashes like the GFC, so you can be confident about keeping your portfolio intact during market crashes and recessions moving forward.

The Freedom Trader™ Process

In this accelerated Masterclass you will discover...

The Crystal Ball to PREPARE for any Market Crash

Learn the single tool that finally allows you to have a glimpse into the future of the market. When you know this tool, you can take advantage of market panic and fear, profiting from it rather than being affected by it. And the best thing is that this tool is absolutely FREE.

EXACTLY When to Participate in the Markets and When to STAY OUT

Knowing when to participate in the market is critical. In this Masterclass, I’ll be sharing my straightforward ‘traffic light’ process, so you’ll know exactly when you can invest and trade confidently, when to start being cautious, and when you absolutely MUST stop trading. The best part is, it only takes you 30 seconds to figure this out.

My 4 Critical Stock Criteria for Confident, Risk-Managed Returns

You’ll learn how to analyse stocks even further using only what I consider the 4 financial figures that matter most (don’t worry, no jargon included). This will enable you to choose only the fundamentally strongest stocks – even after filtering them out using my 10-step checklist (the one you've just downloaded).

Special Bonus - A FREE Copy Of This Workshop's Workbook

I also went ahead and have decided to include a FREE copy of your own workbook for this workshop. It contains notes and diagrams of what we'll cover in my online Masterclass.

I normally take a whole day to teach what I'll be teaching you in this 90-minute, jam-packed online Masterclass, so I want you to be fully focused and engaged!

This workbook will allow you to focus on learning and interacting in this workshop instead of scrambling around trying to take notes and draw diagrams. Plus, you can refer back to this workbook at any time to get a refresher of what you've learnt!

Enrol in this FREE
Freedom Trader™
Online Masterclass...

Discover my 3-Part Freedom Trader Process that has grown my portfolio and kept it out of harm's way during market crashes like the GFC, so you can be confident about keeping your portfolio intact during market crashes and recessions moving forward

Some of what we'll be doing inside:

– Learning to 'see the matrix' and analyse market risk at any time using just one FREE tool to anticipate when a market crash is coming.

– Following my straightforward 'traffic-light' process to know exactly when you can invest confidently, when to start taking precautions and when you absolute MUST exit the market and sell your positions.

– Practicing how to use ALL the tools I teach you about LIVE through interactive games that'll help solidify your learnings.

– Understanding how to tell whether a 'hot stock tip' from anyone (your friends, family, financial advisor – even the most reputable fund managers) is right for YOU, so you'll never follow someone's advice blindly ever again.

– Take my processes for quickly determining whether a stock is fundamentally strong and ripe for investing, and make them your own!

– Discover how smooth investing and trading can be once you know and follow a process that works! No more overcomplicated financial jargon – by the end of this online workshop, you'll realise you don't need a finance degree to succeed in the stock market at all!

What ACTUAL CLIENTS Have To Say About Terry

Tricia Butler
(I.T Specialist)

"By the end of 12 months I actually made 19% in my first year.

This year I had my super in the market as well , and in 6 months I made 23% so I'm very happy with that.

No problem pressing the 'Buy' button anymore!"

Dee Mahon
(National Education Manager)

"The advantage of this system is I have full control. I decide what's good value and what isn't. I know exactly when to buy and sell...

I don't have to rely on some trading person to tell me when to buy and sell. I get to say what happens to my money, and I think that's nice."

Andrew Roberts

"The most frustrating thing I've had from investing in the past is I've lost money - to the point where I've been scared to do it again...

I don't risk money anymore... 
Everyone else was freaking out and we're coming in and buying – it was just like this wave and it popped back out and I literally made 20% like that."

Get Your Exclusive Online Masterclass...

Get Your Exclusive Online Masterclass...


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