This is Wayne Palmer's

Freedom Trader Journey

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There seems to be a lot of mystery around making money with stocks.

... As if those who are successful have some secret quality that "regular people" lack.

Wayne Palmer used to look at my mentor Warren Buffett making millions and say, "Poor ol' me, what do I know? I'll never make that much."

The stock market really scared him because he didn't know much about it. It felt like a risky place where lots of people lost lots of money.

But one day, I spoke at an event Wayne attended and it knocked him out of his funk.

He saw me up on stage – a regular guy, just like him – and knew that he, too, could take responsibility for his wealth. He then realised that his financial future was completely within his control and it was time to step up and make the most of that opportunity.

Plus, Wayne was comforted by the fact that I'm not telling you to put your money in X stock and it'll make you a million overnight.

I actually do the exact opposite... and focus on risk, first and foremost.

ONLY when the risk is virtually non-existent do we move forward with our trades. ONLY when we've taken the steps to make sure our money is safe and protected do we buy and sell shares. That's what made Wayne comfortable to learn this system.


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