Blessings from my mentor 'Warren Buffett'

Warren Buffett Blessing 3


Terry is very reluctant to load this page up as it is a personal communication between Warren and him, but was asked by several of his close friends and peers because it could inspire others who want to begin their investing and trading journey, just like how he had begun, all those years ago.

This is actually part of a personal note from many years back (also shows how Warren really has a witty sense of humour) when he was in communication with the great man himself whom is forever his greatest inspiration, mentor for investing, business and most importantly showing him how to conduct one's self in achieving life fulfilment through simple living and treating others with honesty, integrity, kindness and utmost respect no matter who they are.

Terry is still forever learning from Warren and forever indebted to his kindness for having taken the time out to write to him which inspired him to begin his own investing journey and launch his first private hedge fund many years ago.

Hopefully by sharing this, it will also help inspire and be of the same service to you to begin your life journey of learning how to invest and trade in the most consistently profitable, yet safest way.

We wish you luck and fulfilment from successful investing and trading.