Use Your Inner Strength To Turn Your Trades Around 

The very process of investments and trades can be exhausting.

It can all mount out to a lot of stress, and a lot of research for what can feel like little reward sometimes or even no rewards sometimes if it all goes off-plan.

To be sensible in your risk management, you need to ensure your trading plan has considered all aspects of the stock and the markets and factor in as many potential issues as possible so there is an exit strategy in place.

The reality is that many of these trades won’t deliver a significant profit, if any.

Over time this can be wearing and disappointing so you may wonder why you are even bothering? This moment comes to everyone and needs to be dealt with, even Market Wizard traders have had their moments so what do you do?

What To Do When You’re Exhausted and Dejected

Stop. Focus.

Take a moment to think and recuperate.

The tiredness will not help figure anything out in a sensible fashion. The despondency is being driven by the weariness of not making that killing win or even necessarily showing a profit.

What is the biggest mistake at this point is to review or take time to over-analyze, as your mind is not in a position to cope – it can even feel like you doubt your own decisions or abilities and create even more negative sensations. This is definitely not the time to be establishing new positions unless you have worked out where you are going to go next.

Typically the self-doubt can set in, the tiredness can lead to procrastination and the fear can evolve into more inclination to freeze. No doubt your mind is telling you that you are so exhausted that you want to just stop and rest and then it will all be right.

Take Time Off

So take a day off or two, or indeed whatever you need as you have to return with an energy that gets you started again.

At the same time don’t return with the thought that you need to make up for the losses for the days off trading as the additional pressure will only increase the risks of freezing or being fearful of making an absolute commitment to a trade.

Re-Establish Your Expectations and Goals

Now it is time to step back and look at what your expectations are and reestablish a sensible set of goals.

These need to factor in the market conditions and risk management so that you only consider putting one trade at a time rather than several.

You can also look at how much you are expecting yourself to do and review and cut back on the research.

Make it manageable again so you can get yourself back into the game through the momentum of one or two trades at a time.

Use Visualization To Achieve a Positive Mindset

If these don’t work for you then visualization is another option where you think yourself into a positive mindset.

Remember the emotions and sensations after a good win.

Put yourself back into that moment and use the wave of enthusiasm while you remember to create new positions and think about what it means and takes to win.

Ignore the trading setbacks and focus on the positives and opportunities.

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Don’t Neglect Your Inner Strength

Inner strength is essential to the trader, as taking time out when you have positions means you have to be confident in your strategy in association with the current market.

Trust yourself and make sure you can focus on all the elements that come together to establish successful trades. But remember that rest and time out can be very beneficial if you find yourself mentally blocked or physically too weary to find your way forward.

Once you’ve had enough time to reset, then you’ll be in a better state of mine to review your trading plan.

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