"Trading Is A Lonely Journey"

"No one wants to help each other out"

"I don't trust myself"

"I don't have a mentor / peers doing this"

Going it alone with learning how to invest/trade in stocks can feel incredibly daunting sometimes.

While learning something on your own certainly has its benefits, as humans we learn best when you have support and accountability — knowing that whenever you're feeling unsure or stuck on something, you have someone you can reach out to for help.

Because the truth is, most of the time you DO know what you're doing and you are on the right track– you just want to know that someone else is going through the same things as you, that someone else validates what you're doing, that you're supported, and that you have a safety net to catch you when you're not feeling as motivated or starting to doubt yourself.

And having that sense of community support and accountability — that can be the one thing between keeping your momentum to progress past your obstacles versus  falling off the wagon and giving up too early.

For that reason, it's really important that when you do set out to learn how to invest and trade in stocks for yourself, you find a community of like-minded individuals who share the same values and philosophies as you that are also on a similar journey.

Check out what our students have had to say below...

"It's wonderful – everybody's supportive of each other; it's not like sombody knows something but they're going to keep it to themselves. Everybody shares their information, shares their ideas. That part of the Facebook group is marvellous. And on the webinars it's marvellous too  because people are asking questions there as well. I think it takes someone special like Terry to create that atmosphere, so that's why I'm here and why I'm wit h this group."

— Laura Brown (Retail)

"1) I like the challenge of it. 2) I really like the community on Facebook. We're all like helping each other out and talking and interacting. Enjoying it a lot – really I feel like I'm part of a community and not just on my own on an island trying to work things out myself.

— Rodney Levy

"Someone posts something and there's always someone that can answer. Because when I first started, if I wasn't sure (of something) I just posted a question, and then really quickly you get an answer. Or if you have a question you can just do a search in the Facebook (group) and sometimes that question has already been asked in the past and then straight away you get the answers. Everyone tries – they're not there to try to beat each other, they're there to help each other because that's how Terry is – he just wants to help people. That's why he started this program."

— Jun Yu (Pharmacist)

"There is the Facebook group and then you’ll become friends. You are constantly talking about ‘What are the good buys, good wins, good stuff’, whereas with other ones (programs/course) probably you don’t get that kind of a personal touch at all. It is going to be pure business - okay you will give me the money and then I will give you the newsletter and that’s about it because I know many other people who are on subscriptions services but I don’t think anybody will get this kind of a personal touch and personal talks at all, so that’s the beauty of it. "

— Rajesh Mudlapar (Principal Engineer)

"I've been playing with probably what you'd consider small amounts of money. Learning it that way's probably the best because you do make some mistakes but you learn from them. You realise if you always analyse what didn't work, fundamentally it wasn't Terry's teaching – it was something that you either executed too early or you didn't execute soon enough or you missed something. But again, the community and Terry's there to help you with all of that in those first 6 months."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"It is very very important for someone who is starting is that you have a mentor and you have a group of people who you can communicate with so when you are scared and you’re fearing it actually puts your mind little bit to rest and makes you feel more confident to follow the system or not deviating."

— Habib Al-Massi (Oil & Gas Mining Engineer)

"The support's been amazing and it's good to know that there's all these other people that are in the same shoes as I am or as I was who have probably never had a background in trading before like myself and what Terry's built for the Freedom Trader community I think is a very strong community and I'm really glad to be part of it."

— Duy Phan (Construction Manager)


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