"I'm Too Old / Too Young To Start Investing"

Age is a very common limiting belief that people have when it comes to the 'best' time to start investing.

And the truth is, there are advantages and disadvantages for both being young and being more mature investors (generally speaking).

For the typical younger investor / trader,

  • The advantages are having more time to make mistakes, learn from them and capitalize on the power of compounding their returns.
  • The disadvantages are they're usually brash and take onboard unnecessary risk using dangerous financial instruments (e.g. cryptocurrency and leveraged investing like CFDs, Options, Futures and Foreign Exchange) with the intention to 'get-rich-quick'. They are less likely to focus on protecting their capital and managing risk in their investment and trading strategy.

For the typical mature investor / trader,

  • The advantages are having better access to capital to invest (usually), being more level-headed and disciplined about their investing, and not being as susceptible to get-rich-quick hype. In general, more mature investors are careful with their money, which is a very beneficial mindset to approach investing and trading with.
  • The disadvantages are they might have had multiple bad experiences with investing and trading, and are now cynical about everything. They can also carry baggage from previous investing / trading systems that haven't worked and stay fixated on 'rescuing' their previous losses (i.e. the sunk cost fallacy) — in other words, their 'cup is not empty' when learning a new system.

Of course, everyone's situation is different — there are definitely younger investors that are risk averse and vice versa.

Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, there is no right or wrong time to start learning how to improve your financial future. What matters is you simply take the action instead of allowing yourself to feel disempowered based on your age alone.

Check out examples of our students below...

"I think that this is a program for anyone. It doesn't really matter whether you're young, old or in between. I think it's a great program especially if you want to make money and you want to want to make it safely because he does teach you to how to invest in a safe manner."

— Sandra Wilkinson (Retired)

"I'm personally excited about mastering the skills then being able to teach it to our children because the advantage for them is that they're young and and they've got time on their side but in saying that it is never too late to start. We're in our early 40's and we're grateful and happy that we found it when we have."

— Brad & Kerry Claughton (Farmers)

"I started out with X amount in my account when I first started learning and then after 3 or 4 months I said, “Right I got this”, and so I doubled my account I put that much more money into it and that was when the results started really really really paying off. It made me feel like okay I don’t care if I’m going to be 80 years old, 90 years old, these are skills that I’m going to have for the rest of my life."

— Sharon Crane (Professional Pet Minder)

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"It’s money that I can make outside my job and it’s passive – I don’t have to work for it really. God what the hell was I waiting for? All that time wasted! It’s so safe! It’s so safe, it’s so easy and I just think “Gosh just start”. I never thought share trading could be exciting and I never thought I’d love this but I love it! I love the results and I love the fact that it’s easy and safe."

— Vicky Ho (Cosmetic Dentist)

"So I went back and I tracked - if I’d done all of this since the time I was 25 how different my life would look today. It’s an eye-opening thought and then I didn’t want to wake up in 25 years time and say “I could’ve started this 25 years ago”. So I thought “Stop chasing the shiny stuff – we could be phenomenally successful in 25 years when you look at what compounding does.""

— Chester Cutinha (Job Flow Supervisor)

"I’m a very logical person and to me Terry has put together a course that is based on logic – you know you have your fundamentals you look at top companies that are undervalued you look at the fundamentals of the company you add your indicators and if smart money is involved you know it’s fairly safe so it’s a safe system. I want to trade when I’m old and grey and I want to have money coming in rather than going out."

— Maggie Ward (Entrepreneur)


The testimonials on this page are genuine and authentic testimonials received from our students who have completed one or both of our programs and are sharing their own opinions and experiences. Please note that past success and/or performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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