Too Late to Learn How to Invest or Trade the Right Way? 

No way…

The above title is similar to a post I wrote recently titled ‘Is It Too Late for Me to Start Investing and Trading?’ So I’m going to keep today’s post short, sharp and sweet.

Why I’m revisiting this post today is because I just received an incredible email overnight from Rudy (who has kindly given me his permission to use his real name), a 65 year old reader of mine located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When I write, I really don’t know who I get to touch or help, I just try to share my daily experiences as best I can and hopefully I am able to help someone, somewhere in this world.

Rudy’s email really touched me due to the fact it was very detailed as he shared his story of a long and fulfilling career which enabled him to travel the world for work, but now that he is retired, he would like to continue his travels but this time, with his beautiful wife.

Rudy epitomises the human being I love to help. Those who wish to create financial freedom and abundance for their themselves and their family, to live life on their own terms, being able to travel, continue working in something they love (hopefully investing and trading,) and experiencing all the beauty this world has to offer. You can read more about financial freedom here.

I admire Rudy for his courage to finally decide to start. He isn’t letting his age become a barrier to learning how to invest and trade, which is brilliant.

In my previous post, ‘Is It Too Late for Me to Start Investing and Trading?’ I mentioned that age in also an advantage because it is life wisdom and experiences that often gives you the cautiousness you normally need to trade successfully, yet lack when you are young and naive.

Believe me, I’d had my fair share of struggles when I began trading at a young age and learned how to invest and trade the normal hard way, through painful trial and error and blowing up several accounts along the way.

Age and wisdom, especially for those who love to learn from life challenges are a huge advantage against the crowd who only see through rose colored glasses.

I wish Rudy and all you like him, the best in your investing and trading endeavours and I hope my experiences will help you on your journey to become that consistent, safe and profitable investor and trader. Good luck…

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