This is Terry Cook's
Freedom Trader Journey

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Terry Cook was drawn to the stock market because of its low barrier to entry.

Previously, he'd considered taking out a home loan to invest in property. But when he calculated how much he’d have to payback in interest alone, it didn’t seem like the smartest investment.

Instead, he started experimenting with the stock market...

Without much of a plan, Terry dove straight in and opened up Commsec and Coin Jar accounts. He invested in some cryptocurrency, took stock tips from friends...and ended up losing a bit of money. Ouch. (Many other Blueprint students dabble in the market on their own first—learning lessons the expensive way.)

That’s when Terry joined The Freedom Trader Blueprint. He learned things like the psychology of investing and how to make logical decisions,  how to read stock charts, when to buy and sell, and the power of compound interest.

And in his first four trades after Blueprint, Terry made 10% ROI.

Now, those returns are great! As Terry says: “Considering it would take a ear to make 3% from the banks, those are pretty amazing returns.

But he also admits that his numbers could have been higher, if he followed the program more closely...

I could have made a lot more. I was a bit keen. I didn’t follow the indicators, bought a bit too soon, sold a bit too late. But I still made those returns so it’s very good!

I love Terry’s outlook on this. He’s not beating himself up — he’s learning and growing.

Next time he makes a trade, he’ll know to trust the indicators and he’ll do even better. And hey—it’s pretty great to learn those lessons and STILL make 10% returns, right?

Nobody’s perfect. The beauty of Blueprint is that it takes your humanity into account...and structures your portfolio so that no one trade will ever have the power to break you.


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