This is Sharon Crane's
Freedom Trader Journey

Set yourself up financially without all the complex financial jargon
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Sharon Crane was married for 25 years and her husband handled all of the finances. So when her divorce was imminent, Sharon started to panic. She was so afraid that she’d receive a lump sum settlement and, not knowing what to do with it, fritter it away and be left with nothing.

It’s a common—and understandable!—occurrence. The same phenomenon can happen with inheritances, work bonuses, and other big windfalls of cash.

You might think you’re set with a big chunk of money...but it can slip through your fingers if you don’t have a solid plan. Sharon knew how important it was to get educated on how to set herself up financially.

Sharon actually took another finance course first. But despite her best efforts, she struggled to grasp the ideas inside that program. She actually repeated the program ten times yet she still didn’t have the confidence to start trading.

She loved that our program is delivered in plain English, tailored for newbies, and is built on rules and concrete steps to follow. That, plus the high level of support inside the program, helped her feel ready to make her first trades. In her first year investing all on her own, Sharon saw an ROI of 22%. Pretty impressive for someone who didn’t know the first thing about the stock market, wouldn’t you agree?

I believe that knowing how to make money is a skill every man, woman, and even child should have. Even if someone else in your family is “in charge of the money,” having a basic understanding of finances is priceless.


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