Podcast: Making Money Outside Business Through Investments

Investing in stocks and other assets outside of your business can be a great way to diversify your income streams and secure your financial future.

However, as with any investment venture, there are risks involved. That’s why I was excited to be a recent guest on the Entrepreneurs Rising podcast, where I shared my expertise on making money through outside investments with the host, my good friend Carl Taylor.

In the episode, we discuss the fundamentals of listed businesses, the difference between trading and investing, how to mix ETFs in your portfolio, and the importance of looking at profit and loss percentages.We also explore common investment mistakes to avoid and how to de-risk your financial life.

As the founder of The Freedom Trader, my mission is to help individuals create financial, time, and location freedom outside of their business through safe and consistent investing and trading in every market condition. Investing outside of your business can yield big benefits, from earning passive income to increasing future wealth opportunities. But, as with any venture, risk is involved, so researching different industries and staying up-to-date on macroeconomic developments are essential factors in achieving successful results.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, full-time business owner, or seasoned investor, understanding how to make money from outside investments can be key to building and securing financial success. With investing, now might be the time to expand your knowledge of money-making opportunities.

I encourage you to give this episode a listen if you’re interested in learning more about safe and consistent investing – and if you enjoy and found value in it, I definitely suggest you check out the rest of Carl’s podcast too.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this episode insightful.


Topics Discussed In This Episode…

  • Surviving the eight-year itch (04:47)
  • Understanding the fundamentals of a listed business (08:57)
  • The difference between trading and investing (11:24)
  • How to mix ETFs in your portfolio (16:46)
  • Is fractional ownership a good or a bad thing? (18:49)
  • Leverage in the investment space – yay or nay? (21:18)
  • Common mistakes that trip people up (24:39)
  • The importance of looking at profit and loss percentages (26:42)
  • Where to start with investing (31:14)
  • How to de-risk your financial life (34:49)


  • “The priority is not just about making money, but is always about protecting what you have.” -Terry Tran
  • “Leverage is a no unless it’s property equity.” -Terry Tran
  • “The highest level of business freedom is where you become an investor.” -Carl Taylor

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