"Stock Investing & Trading Is Not Safe Or Secure"

Your hard-earned money is precious. So it makes sense not to gamble with it.

A common misconception about share trading is that it's risky and pretty much the equivalent of gambling your hard-earned money away – and it couldn't be further from the truth. That's not to say that investing and trading in stocks is completely risk-free – it isn't.

The reason why so many people believe stock investing and trading is risky is because they simply don't plan and strategize for risk. Instead, they focus ONLY on the potential profit they can make and blindly follow advice and/or stock tips they find with a 'Buy, hold and pray it goes up' mentality – without conducting any research by themselves (or they think charting/technical analysis is all they need until they start losing money).

As you'll hear our students talk about below, like anything else, stock investing and trading is a learnable skill. And when you learn to follow a process that prioritizes preserving your hard-earned capital, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing  you have contingency plans in place for when the market unexpectedly flips upside down, and your portfolio is out of harm's way.

"People think "Oh! Stocks are risky" – I'm like sure any kind of investment is risky. There's no guarantees, but if you can minimize your risk, which I feel Terry really does with the stuff he teaches, then you are going to maximise your profits, and that's what I found is totally true."

— Sharon Crane (Professional Pet Minder)

"The most frustrating thing that I've had from investing in the past is I've lost money. Terry's rule #1 is 'Don't lose money' and it's just entering it from a different spectrum. I don't risk money, anymore. I used to gamble - like roll a dice and I would get a tip and I'd go and put my money on that tip and hope that it would go up — seriously I might as well have gone and played Blackjack at the casino. Terry's shown me that that's foolish and I need a system to #1 preserve my money and don't lose it. So it's pretty cool because if you've got a system to not lose money, then you've got nothing to lose right?"

— Andrew Roberts (CEO & Entrepreneur)

"With this system there's no gambling. It's all very safe and secure. The Freedom Trader's taught me how to make it a profitable experience. It's certainly a lot better that I could ever imagine."

— Sandra Wilkinson (Retired)

Don't Gamble. Invest With The Right Information.

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"When I was trading before and taking losses, that kills you and messes with your head. Then you can't sleep at night, it all goes down; and you'd wake up and you'd have another loss or another couple of losses and you go "Oh my god!" – it  really does your head in. Terry makes you feel calm all the time, because I know if I've followed my rules, if I've stuck to the fundamentals, made sure it's a good undervalued company, made sure there's smart money, I know I'm safe and I'm happy."

— Maggie Ward (Entrepreneur)

"I had no idea about this form of trading existed. Terry's method is very low risk - you buy only the best stocks and you buy a range of sectors within those stocks; so that if any one sector is having trouble, the other sectors keep going. So, having a low risk strategy with Terry's method, was what appealed to me and I thought "Well, I can do that. I can just buy a little bit of this sector, buy into another sector etc." – and that's how I got started."

— Tony Carlisle (Biomedical Engineer)

"What reassured me as I did Terry's course was that each layer that I peeled back, I realised it just had more and more risk management built into it. Everything was about not losing your money and for a person who'd become risk averse after 20 years of making lots of mistakes, that's what grabbed me."

— Chester Cutinha  (Job Flow Supervisor)

"When I enter an investment or trade now,  with Terry's system in place, I feel very comfortable. There's no longer fear, no longer uncertainty"

— Chandara Kev (Electrical Engineer)

"You enter a position knowing the company, what they do, they have strong fundamentals, and technically that's the right timing to enter. So you enter the position without any fear of panic."

— Jun Yu (Pharmacist)

The difference between investing and gambling is gambling is just like 43 or 40 red or whatever - or that fly is gonna go up the wall faster than that one. It's just - there's no logic to it or anything like that, whereas investing is having a system in place that you're going to win 80% or more of the time – that's investing."

— Andrew Heading-Knight (Musician)

Learn To Invest Confidently Without Fear

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"Risk (management) is very important to me. Terry will be  the first to tell you, "It's all about protecting your money. Rule number one is "Don't lose money"" – and that's emphasised a lot – and everything he teaches is around that. Feels really good to be honest – like it's heart wrenching to watch your hard-earned cash be burnt and disappear."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"Terry's system says "If there's a little dip after you've made your first buy in, you might want to buy in again, make a second position in it", and then you wait for the growth to come along because you've checked out the best of the best stocks, you've looked at the fundamentals within numbers, you can see they're a strong company, they're a valued company that have done great performance in the last 5 years. So to me that instills great confidence - this is a good stock to buy into, and it's just patience for it to flourish."

— Tony Carlisle (Biomedical Engineer)

"I'm a risk-taker but my husband isn't. I've learnt in this industry, particularly with stocks and trades and shares, don't be a risk taker. Go slowly, be like the tortoise. Minimal risk because I don't want to lose money. And you know what? At my age I don't want to lose money.

I actually want to just keep making some money and have that security so I don't have to rely on the government."

— Kerry Strugnell (National Education Manager)

"5 years ago I was driven by "Buy, hold and pray that it goes up", and I know in my experience markets don't work like that. But I didn't really know how or when to buy a share when the market was heading South. I know how to do that today. So I'm very relaxed about that."

— James Doyle (Airline Pilot)

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"I didn’t think there was a system to buy stocks and shares. I thought it was all based on insider trading, people who knew people. Shares for me was gambling, I didn’t know anything about it, didn’t know how to win. It was more like put your money on black and hope it all turns out. Share trading, option trading, anything to do with the share market was scary, risky, you could lose everything and more. So that’s what led me away from it, but that’s also what reassured me as I studied Terry’s program to see that there was so much risk management and sensibleness built into the program."

— Chester Cutinha (Job Flow Supervisor)

"For me it's about knowing if the stocks drop, it might've had a bad announcement but the fundamentals are all there.  It's buying at the right time - one thing that Terry makes it very clear is that you'll never buy at the very bottom and you'll never sell at the very top but what you're capturing is that good 80% of that run. So, through Terry's system, you realise that you're getting in undervalue or getting it at a really low price and then watch it run – again he has all the strategy involved that shows you how to exit properly and take your profits."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"I started with a whole lot of technicals and I became a trend trader. It was okay buy it really didn't suit me that much because I was taking a lot of losses and I just found that really, very difficult to handle."

— Maggie Ward (Entrepreneur)

"There's no silver bullet to trying to create wealth. I think we as farmers know that but to find a way you can create safety and security for your money and get it to grow at a good return – the light at the end of the tunnel now is great that you've learnt some of these techniques he's shown in the Blueprint course."

— Brad & Kerry Claughton (Farmers)

"I've heard things before where it's like let's just do it right now, you know I invest and Terry’s gonna go “Yeah hang on, well what's the risk here?” And that's what he does, he looks at it and so he identifies the risk and if it's risky, don't do it. That's what made me more comfortable than just going - “Hey just put money out there and then you make a million bucks in the two days”. That’s not what happens."

— Wayne Palmer (State Emergency Services)


The testimonials on this page are genuine and authentic testimonials received from our students who have completed one or both of our programs and are sharing their own opinions and experiences. Please note that past success and/or performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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