"I Can't' Be Bothered / There's No Point Doing It Myself"

"I don't want to give up my life / sleep."

"I want to be a passive investor. Not a trader."

"I could just give my money to a fund manager"

"I can't be bothered. It's too hard and not worth the effort."

That's what goes through your head when it shuts down as soon as you think about all the potential effort involved with learning to become an investor / trader in the stock market.

And so you decide the easier option is to either hand over your money to a professional or to not invest / trade stocks at all.

While it may be the easier option (for now), here's what you're really putting off...

  • Freeing yourself from the shackles of your job or business — while having a high paying job or business can be quite lucrative, in many cases most people become slaves to their work. Rather than working for money, why not have your money work for you?
  • Security over your financial future in case of a rainy day — for example, in the event that you lose your job, lose the ability to work, or the economy crashes, you could still have a method of growing your wealth. This applies especially to industries such as farms that go through drought and trades that require in-person manual labour (e.g. builders, plumbers etc.).
  • Complete control and care over your investment decisions — yes, you could just hand over your money to somebody else to manage, but the truth is, no one else is ever going to care more about your hard-earned money than you. And so the best person to be looking after and growing your wealth is yourself.
  • Setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement — if you're planning to retire just off your superannuation, depending on your lifestyle, you may not be able to live as comfortably as you'd like and sustain that lifestyle. By learning how to grow your wealth outside a job or business, not only can you sustain a more comfortable lifestyle – you also have the possibility of peace of mind.
  • Helping future generations of your family — All of the factors listed above don't only apply to you; they also apply to your children and subsequent generations. By preparing yourself financially now, you're better able to not only help yourself but pass down your skills and knowledge.

Here's what our students have had to say about their experiences...

"We don't want our life to be controlled by something else or someone else. We want to have total control of it, so you've got to create financial freedom to be able to do that. In this way, I've got control every step of the way and I've only got myself to blame if things don't work out, but so far, things are working out."

— Darren & Fiona Sanders (Farmers)

"My investment was all about tips from people and I wanted to outsource it and not pay attention to it. It was a bit of a revolution for me because I went, "Wow I can't rely on others to make the money for me – I need to learn the skills". Terry teaches you how to fish, it's that simple. He doesn't do it for you, he teaches you how to do it. "

— Andrew Roberts (CEO & Entrepreneur)

"If you follow these rules, you're not going to fail. You're going to have a – maybe not 22% every year, but if you even get better than like 6% — I mean what are we getting in the banks? We're getting 2.75% if we're lucky. And to take control and to have your own results show that — I feel like I've got the key to the kingdom. I so feel like that."

— Sharone Crane (Professional Pet Minder)

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"I would think within the next 5 years, I've quite the corporate world and I'm a full-time trader living the ideal lifestyle – being at home  with the young one. And that's probably something else to add - the one thing I'm really looking forward to is teaching my kid this. I can just see this is something that could really work for her and it's kind of a legacy for me to hand over."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"Farmers struggle and he's giving them opportunity to make money and create wealth outside their farm, so they can see through things like droughts. And he's really passionate about that - that's pretty cool. He has a genuine interest to help people."

— Andrew Roberts (CEO & Entrepreneur)

"We had control. We weren't relying on advisors and brokers. Terry gives you direction but it's ultimately you that makes that decision, it's you that pushes that button and personally I'm very proud of the results we've achieved for that and I just wish we'd done it 20 years ago - that's about all."

— Jerry & Valerie Kidd (Boiler Maker & Accountant)

"I don't know if other people look at it this way but for me when you're tied to a job, and you're tied to debts and you're tied to a mortgage, it's no different to slavery of a different form. So it's economic slavery for me. The thing I crave most is not having to work, but more the freedom. To break that cycle for my family for generations to come. To know that we would never need to work, but we choose to work — that would be awesome."

— Chester Cutinha (Job Flow Supervisor)

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"I was married for 25 years. My ex-husband was all about the finances. He did everything - I knew nothing. I got divorced and went "Holy – what am I going to do?" I was so scared that I was going to have this settlement money and I wasn't going to know what to do with it, fritter it away and have nothing left after 5 years. I thought, "Seriously you've got to get educated on what to do to set yourself up financially"."

— Sharon Crane (Professional Pet Minder)

"It's something that you are interested in trading and want to take it on yourself rather than allowing other people to do it, which has always been my fundamental problem. Like my self-managed superfund which I took over because the retailers – they don't buy and sell. They just hold – downturns, crashes, and you're still hanging on, you're losing. I feel like all money that's available now is now something I want to take control of and if it wasn't for Terry that would not be happening so very, very grateful."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"If you understand compounding interest and what a gift that is, you will recognise what growth rates you can achieve in the stock market to create wealth – that's something well worth trying to get a hold of – to invest so that you can have safe higher returns. That's a real gift if you can learn that."

— Brad and Kerry Claughton (Farmers)

"I said to my daughters the other day, "If any of you get a credit card, you have to move out of home. But if you buy into a credit card company, now that might be a good investment." So I think it's an entire shift in thinking — 'Don't use botox but maybe buy the company that sells botox'. We don't want to be the consumer, we want to own the companies that have large consumer bases."

— Chester Cutinha (Job Flow Supervisor)

"It is very important that we follow the criteria, what Terry’s guideline is because sometimes we get emotional. We get distracted by all the news or what social media, a lot of things but we have to stick to our plan really.
If you’re not that experienced, and you put all your money into one company (for example) it’s going to cause you a lot of stress it may affect your sleep, it may affect your relationship, it may affect your work as well."

— Byron Dy (Nurse)

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"The whole idea of this is to, once I get to a certain age, I can trade full time and that will cover my retirement even if I aren't old enough to claim a pension or to get retirement benefits. I'll be able to live comfortably while I'm doing trading."

— Brenton Ferguson (Electrician)

"We wanted to diversify – the farm is wonderful but we wanted to probably have our finger in some other pies to help create our wealth for the future. So we got something off farm to retire on, make it easier for our kids to come along.  If we are able to build a nest egg well before we're looking to retire – that's our aim."

— Brad and Kerry Claughton (Farmers)

"Freedom for me is basically being able to have choices in life and be able to choose what you want. I guess I’ve never been unhappy in the corporate world but I’m starting to sense now that it’s not where I want to be, but it’s like with any job when someone’s paying you, they tell you where to be, how to do it, how long you’re there for and all the ups and downs that goes with different managers but I think going through this trading process has realised that when you’re sort of in charge of what you’re doing and even when you’re on holidays and being able to trade like - that’s being pretty - I actually love that, my wife doesn’t get it.."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"Freedom to me means being able to work when I want to work, being able to work on days, being able to sleep at night. Yeah just enjoy another side of life, the small business side of life and the opportunities that share trading brings for. I'm looking towards retirement and hoping to build up my nest egg through that. I've actually just given my financial planner the flick and I'll be creat d   ing a self-managed super fund and use my share trading to fund that."

— Brad Mander (Nurse)

"Previously to Terry we had our own self-managed superfund which was run by brokers and advisors. It really didn't go very well, we had no real input to the outcome of what we were trying to achieve. Valerie happened to see Terry speak just as we were winding up the super. We decided to go with Terry and we sort of went from there.

— Jerry Kidd (Boiler Maker)


The testimonials on this page are genuine and authentic testimonials received from our students who have completed one or both of our programs and are sharing their own opinions and experiences. Please note that past success and/or performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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