"I Need A Lot Of Money For Stock Investing & Trading To Be Worthwhile"

"You have to be wealthy for this to be worthwhile"

"You can only get rich with insider information"

"I need to hire an expert to succeed"

Many people believe that investing and trading in shares is something reserved only for the wealthy.

And while sure, the uber-rich have an advantage because they've got capital to invest right away, it doesn't mean that they'll succeed.

In fact, a lot of them also lose money. And they do so for various resons:

  • Having a larger portfolio can lead to carelessness — Having a large cash cushion can create an illusion that it's okay to lose money and be more risky with investments (after all, high risk = high return right?), but that's just silly. Regardless of your portfolio size, one should always focus on risk management. That's the advantage you have as an everyday investor — when you start small, it allows you to make smaller mistakes, iron out the creases in your investing system before deciding to scale up to a larger account when you're ready.
  • They're targeted for dubious investment schemes — one of the downsides of being uber-wealthy is you're usually targeted for cons into dubious investments OR tax-minimization schemes. Examples of this are TimberCorp and Great Southern Plantations in Australia many years ago – companies that operated schemes where investors could claim generous upfront tax deductions on their investment on top of generating returns – only to fall apart as soon as the government abolished the tax scheme.

One thing you must also remember is that everyone starts somewhere – in fact, most 'rich people', like you, also started out from scratch!

I'm not talking about people with the fancy Lamborghinis, big mansions and private jets or the people who inherit their wealth. I'm talking about the secret millionaire next door — regular people who become wealthy by being careful and smart about their money (i.e. living below their means, accumulating their income and having money work for them by investing properly and consistently).

As you'll see from our success stories page, all of our students are normal people from all walks of life. In fact, you can get started with investing with as little as $100 (and treat it as a savings plan).

Here's just a few examples...

"For the first 6 months, I put in a small amount of money and the return was about 12%. That's really good because like the bank doesn't give you this sort of return or interest if you don't have like a certain amount of money. What I put in stocks, is a lot less than what I can put in a bank to start to earn interest."

— Lan Le (Franchise Business Owner)

"Money doesn't grow on trees for me and I wanted to just invest small amounts and I didn't want to lose it. My target was to get 15% per annum return and I'm doing that - the last couple of years I've been doing that. Now to me that's fantastic.That's way better than I can get anywhere else. Plus, I'm in control of what I'm doing. I don't have to invest huge amounts of money, I can do small if I want. So it's been going really well. It's good fun. And I've learnt a heck of a lot along the way."

— Tony Carlisle (Biomedical Engineer)

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"For me I’ve only got a small account to start with. First of all he teaches you the power of compound interest and now I’ve realised that it’s a really good feeling knowing that anyone can make money even if you haven’t got much to start with. Got a little portfolio now and I’ve made over 10% on my first four sales and I’ve got a few more there ready - just getting close ready to sell which will be pretty good returns on them. Considering it will take me a year to make 3% off a bank, pretty amazing returns."

— Terry Cook (Entrepreneur)

"Started with small until I got the funds already sorted, put a little bit into the account to just to get the ball rolling, get the steps right and then a month later I started putting bigger amounts in and then it's just grown from that."

— Brenton Ferguson (Electrician)

"I started out with X amount in my account when I first started learning and then after 3 or 4 months I said, “Right I got this”, and so I doubled my account I put that much more money into it and that was when the results started really really really paying off."

— Sharon Crane (Professional Pet Minder)


The testimonials on this page are genuine and authentic testimonials received from our students who have completed one or both of our programs and are sharing their own opinions and experiences. Please note that past success and/or performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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