How Much Time Will It Take to Learn to Trade and Invest?

The other day someone downloaded our free fast start stock checklist and I was asked this question…

“How much time will it take me to learn to trade and invest?”

The simple answer is, it depends.

I would rather be direct and tell you like it is than say you can just attend a weekend seminar and begin trading on Monday like a pro.

It doesn’t happen in any other profession, and trading and investing is no different. It takes time.

However, I think the following questions you ask yourself can help;
  1. What is it you want to achieve from investing and trading?
  2. What level of experience do you already have in the markets?
  3. Have you physically invested in the markets before?
  4. Is investing and trading a passion of yours to learn everything you can or is it more of a means to an end?

There are of course many other factors involved but I believe these are the main that will determine how much time you will need in the markets.

For me, it took about 12 months on the investing side, then a further 12 months on the trading side just to get started.

Another thing, which could help speed up your process of learning, is to find someone you could learn from.

Even Warren himself happily admits that his mentor was Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing and he is what he is today because of the mentors he had in life.

Therefore, you really do not have to reinvent the wheel as all giants today once stood on the shoulders of others.

Personally, I myself learned from the generosity of countless others such as Buffett and you can do the same too.

Learning from others does make things much easier but I want to emphasize that not everything you learn will immediately or permanently gel with you.

So in summary;
  1. Give yourself the gift of 6-12 months at the minimum as opposed to (a weekend seminar) thinking you are ready.
  2. Learn from a varied source and do not discount anything until learned and tried.
  3. Begin investing real capital on a small scale once you believe you have the basic understanding and knowledge as nothing will ever beat having real money on the line.
  4. Take on board one thing at a time. ie investing in stocks first as opposed to trading in stocks, forex, options, future all at once. Master one and then move onto the next. What is the rush?
Truth is, you never really stop learning even after you have done it for a while.

I have been on this journey for almost two decades and I am still finding things to improve on. Investing and trading is a never-ending process so it is best to focus on enjoying the journey and process and let the results look after itself because it will.

It has for me and I am certain it will for you.

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If there’s anything I can do for you right now to help you with your investing and trading, please, type it in. I’d love to know.

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon!

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