In Investing, We Are Winners No Matter What 

We’ve all experienced the type of day where we wind up not getting very far.

Thoughts like “Why did I roll out of bed?” come to play.

How To Remain Calm In An Unpredictable Market

It certainly is understandable that we feel stressed out when dealing with an unpredictable market. However, we must remain as optimistic as possible and boost our mood so that we can carry on.

You might wonder how I can be so calm when saying that? It’s all about gratitude for what we did learn that day. Even if we weren’t as profitable or perhaps lost money. Take the successful days and cherish it. While bad days only mean that we did gain something in the form of experience.

Today, perhaps we learned how to take a step back. To take our time before jumping into the market too soon. Maybe we learned that we didn’t stick to our investment plan and use that to work on becoming more disciplined. In that case, we have been given the opportunity to revise our plan. In the end, these non-monetary lessons will eventually pay off.

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You Should Only Compete With Yourself

In our society we are conditioned to believe that winning is everything. Competing with others constantly ,striving to be more profitable than the trader next to us. If we aren’t, then we label ourselves a failure.

Honestly, the only person we should be competing with is ourselves. If we don’t make a profit on a particular day, maybe it’s because we don’t have enough practice in the market or we don’t have enough capital. Don’t compare yourselves to someone with lots of experience. Or even to someone with capital to invest because we aren’t working on an equal playing field.

No Matter What Happens, You’re Winning

We need to be realistic and learn to accept that we are doing our best. It is for us, not what the next trader does for themselves. Setting unreachable goals will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

That said, we may not have achieved goals like making a lot of money today but we have gained experience.

Gaining experience may be exactly what we need to reach that ultimate goal, but for today, we’ve met our objective.

We haven’t failed, we’ve moved closer to our end goal.

As long as we have focused on and achieved our more immediate goal for the day, which is to gain experience and develop our skills, we have won.

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