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Hot Seat Valerie and Jerry Kidd


This week we introduce one of our couple students, Jerry and Valerie Kidd who only a year ago knew nothing about how to invest and trade in stocks safely, and we talk about their extraordinary results and how that has changed their lives. They love camping by the way, and the stock market has allowed them the freedom to pursue this passion of theirs so freely now.

If you’ve ever thought about investing or trading and wondered if you can finally get into this, their story will inspire you to finally begin. Compounding your wealth and opportunities don’t wait.

I truly hope this video helps you in your quest to become the trader and investor you want to be.

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Terry Tran is founder of theFreedomTrader and his mission is to help people create financial, time and location freedom through consistent investing and trading in every market condition, even if they are a complete beginner. Terry understands because he has personally been through the journey over the last two decades and can help you do the same.

Forget the market myths and hype, as Terry will show you how to consistently trade your way to financial freedom in a risk managed way just like he has at TheFreedomTrader.com.




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