Financial Freedom Number Calculator

Learn how quickly you can achieve financial freedom!

Step #1 - Watch video #1

Step #2a - Download the FFN Calculator

(NOTE: You will need Microsoft Excel on a computer or laptop to view and use the calculator. It does not work on tablet/phone devices, or free Excel online.)

Step #2b - Enable Macros on the Calculator

Your computer may block the macros needed to access the formulas of the spreadsheet as it's a file it hasn't seen before.

If that's the case, please make sure to read the instructions on the first page of the calculator and follow them accordingly.

It will look something like this >>>

Step #3 - Watch video #2 and follow along

Step #4 - Learn how to reach your financial goals through investing

Now that you know what portfolio size you need to reach to achieve financial freedom, that can be very exciting.

The problem for most people, however, is that while you may have a good idea of what's possible with your personal finances through the power of compounding and investing, you may still be stuck on the "how" to get there.

For example, how do you prepare for any market crash, preserve your wealth and profit confidently through the share market?

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Step 1.