How Farmer Darren Sanders Achieved over 12% p.a with No Stock Losses

I want to share with you a student success story that I’m extremely proud of.

Darren and Fiona Sanders are Australian Farmers of wool, lamb and lucerne seed. In general, Darren likes to do everything himself. And doesn’t like the idea of just handing off his money to someone else to manage.

This became especially true after watching his father lose 75% of his stock market investment when the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008.

Darren and Fiona both joined my program in 2016, and just recently, shared with me how they were investing using my system and have literally not made any overall loss of any one stock ever – a result that is absolutely amazing and incredible.

Amazing Results From Simple Principles

While it’s an amazing result, the reason why they’ve been able to do it is really quite simple – they’ve been able to manage their risk properly.

In other words what they call position sizing. Investing in a way so that no one stock can ever make or break them.

And by doing so, they’ve never actually taken on board too much risk while generating that double-digit return that they’ve been looking for at the same time.

Relevant Link: To learn more about Darren and Fiona’s story, click here.

So that is one tip that I want to share with you – how risk management and position sizing for even very conservative investors actually work and just making sure that you do it.

By just paying attention to these two things, you’ll able to generate the returns you want and at the same time never take on board the risk that most people actually make and losing a ton of money at the same time. 

So my number one tip for today is making sure that you take low risks while making the high returns that you’ve always wanted.

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