This is Duy Phan's
Freedom Trader Journey

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Duy Phan found himself always checking in with his stocks every 5 minutes when he first got into trading.

He enjoyed the challenge of the stock market but he got to a point where he thought, “What’s the point?” because it was all-consuming and wasn’t giving him any real freedom.

When Duy and I met, he’d all but written off the stock market...I was presenting at an event he attended and when I got up to speak, he actually thought, “Oh great. Here comes another ‘get rich quick’ guy promising he’s got the exciting secret formula to riches!” and almost wrote me off before I even got started.

But within 30 minutes, he knew what I was teaching was different...I’m not about getting rich quick and I don’t teach anything exciting. I prefer safe, boring, slow-and-steady progress.

After learning our process inside The Freedom Trader Blueprint, Duy’s ROI in the first year was 21% and about 90% of his stock picks were profitable. (To put that into context, about 60% of the picks at the top mutual funds are successful) so he’s getting incredible results. 

Best of all, Duy doesn’t have to sacrifice his life to do it.

He’s able to get those amazing results without being glued to his computer screen all-day.


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