This is Darren and Fiona Sanders'
Freedom Trader Journey

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When you think about all the greed, corruption, and scandals in the financial services industry, it can be hard to trust brokers and fund managers. That’s exactly how Darren and Fiona Sanders felt.

Darren, a wool farmer, is the type of guy who likes to do everything himselfPlus, he watched his dad lose ¾ of his stock market investment when the Global Financial Crisis he was even more distrustful than most.

He wanted to be in total control of his stock portfolio. He didn’t want to have to trust that someone else would do the right thing with it.

That’s why Darren loved the sound of The Freedom Trader Blueprint. He didn’t want someone else to hand him a fish... he wanted to learn how to fish himself so he could feed his family for years to come. After learning and applying the Blueprint system themselves, Darren and Fiona’s stock portfolio is hovering between 12.5-15% ROI.

Farm life is risky. One dry season can rock their entire year’s revenue.

So they love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens on the farm, they have consistent wealth generation in the stock market. But even more than that, they love knowing that they are responsible for their financial future. Not a broker, not a fund manager...themselves.


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