How will a Trump Presidency Affect the Economy?

No matter where your political leanings lie, one thing that we can all agree upon is that President Donald Trump’s road to the White House was a controversial one.

While he offended many along the way and while many of his proposed social policies appear to be a bit crazy, I don’t think that his economic policies are necessarily off the wall.

President Trump entered office facing a very difficult economic climate with which he needs to contend.

There’s not much wiggle room regarding expansionary fiscal policy (fiscal policy refers to using government funds to achieve outcomes and monetary policy …

Is it Time to be Fearful When Others Are Greedy?

Although I am never one to like commenting about market direction since I get it right as much as I get it wrong in the shorter term, there are times when I do warn my viewers when I see warning signs of a potential market pull back.

This is one of those times. Could I be wrong? Yes.

But the probability is stacked in our favour, and investing and trading really is all about probabilities, and investing with it on your side.

One must never forget that the market drives over 75% of all stock price movements, and the best …

The Freedom Trader

Brexit explained in human language!


Personally with our own funds, we have been taking advantage of the recent market decline and quick recovery during the recent ‘Brexit’ market turmoil by investing and trading heavily (ie buying and then selling cheap stock during this time when everyone else is panicking as we held plenty of cash ahead of this).

Results has been good. We will just have to wait for the outcome over the next 24-48 hours of the UK referendum.

With all the talk of the ‘Brexit, here is a great video that details what it is and what it really means in ‘human’ …

The Freedom Trader

Is the Market Running Out of Steam?

Exactly three weeks ago, I wrote a piece titled, ‘Is a Market Reversal Coming?’, in which I talked about the folly of making market predictions and my accuracy when I make such predictions.

I openly admitted to the fact that my predictive capability was 50/50 at best, since I get it wrong as much as I get it right.

This has been proven once again, where the market continued to surge upwards from 2040 when this piece was published on 17th March, to a recent year high of 2075, before declining in the past couple of days back …

Are We Due For A Market Crash?

Open every new article and it seems everyone is predicting ‘doom and gloom’. Do I think so as well?

This is a question I am constantly asked by my blog readers which is why I wrote a piece several months ago post the Greek Debt crisis titled, Is Another Global Financial Crisis Starting Now?.

Sure the technical charts seem ugly, but the reality is, fundamentals are what drive value and prices in the long term, and not charts. Using technical charts before fundamentals is like having the tail wag the dog. I like to use both, but my priority …