5 Key Aspects of Trading Every Trader Must Know About

Recently, a viewer from our YouTube channel asked the question;

“What are The 5 Key Points Every Trader Needs To Know?”

And immediately, my mind went to what the great Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

To me, simple is best.

However, we must make sure that we don’t simplify too much and do away with some important aspects of trading.

The following five aspects of trading are what I believe are the foundations of all trading success.

Combine all five, and your trading success is almost guaranteed.


What Returns Should I Expect from Trading?

I was inside our Freedom Trader private Facebook group the other day and I was asked this:

“What Returns Should I Expect from Trading?”

Many newbies come into the markets after attending these get-rich-quick type programs and expect extremely high returns right away because of misinformation they’ve been fed.

When I mean high returns, I’m talking about making ‘a killing’ and going out to get buy your first Ferrari, having your own boat, travelling first class around the world, buying your own mansion with private butlers etc.

Well, I am here to tell you that this is far from reality.…

How Much Time Will It Take to Learn to Trade and Invest?

The other day someone downloaded our free fast start stock checklist and I was asked this question…

“How much time will it take me to learn to trade and invest?”

The simple answer is, it depends.

I would rather be direct and tell you like it is than say you can just attend a weekend seminar and begin trading on Monday like a pro.

It doesn’t happen in any other profession, and trading and investing is no different. It takes time.

However, I think the following questions you ask yourself can help;
  1. What is it you want to achieve from

What is a Trading Plan and Should I Have One


In this video, you will find out what is a trading plan and should you have one. I was on a live coaching call with our Inner Circle members when I was asked this;

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What’s a trading plan and should you have one?

Firstly, here is my simple definition of a trading plan.

It is a simple document, which details;

1. your mission and purpose for trading and investing,
2. your goals,
3. your daily routine and actions,
4. your risk management criteria and position sizing rules,
5. your trading and investment systems and …

When is the Best Time to Buy and Sell in the Stock Market


In this video, you will find out when is the best time to buy and sell in the stock market. I recently got asked this question by one of our Freedom Trader students; Is there a particular time you should place your trade or investment during the day?

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Simple answer is yes there is.
Best time that I have found over the years whether for investing or trading, is generally towards the last 10-15 minutes of the market, and if you can, even the last 1-2 minutes before the …