The Biggest Frustration Investors and Traders Go Through

I started the Freedom Trader, from just seeing frustrations around people because I went through the same journey 20 years ago by learning from the wrong people and losing a lot of money and just seeing the pain from a lot of people when all of course out there which don’t do a lot of people financial justice.

So I thought okay let’s write a blog and see if there’s any traction of people who want to actually learn the real way of investing trading like a fund manager and managing their capital that way.

So I wrote a blog …

How to Get Out of a Trading Slump


Turning your portfolio performance profitable by reviewing your trading plan, ensuring it has considered all aspects of the stock and the markets, and factor in as many potential issues as possible so there is always an exit strategy in place.

So first thing is acknowledgment. Secondly, stop and review at least weekly your buys and your sells. Lastly, never waste a mistake where a lesson is not learned.

So today we covered the 3 main keys on how to get out of a temporary trading slump;
1. Make sure you review your trading plan and if you don’t have …

How to LET GO of a Bad Trade and Move On

Today I want to show you how to move on from a bad investment or trade.

In other words, how to let a bad trade go without any feeling of regret that can then affect your future investments and trades.

I was recently asked this by one of our Blueprint students, and here are a few pointers to help you out:

STEP 1 – Have multiple positions

The easiest way is to have multiple positions on at any one time.

You see when you have all your eggs in the one basket, it’s extremely hard to separate your emotions because

What’s the Recipe for a Successful Trading Plan


In this video, you will learn about the recipe for a successful trading plan.

When I first started out, I attended a lot of seminars and read a lot of books on trading plans, but the one thing never explained was what should be included in a trading plan.

I will cover all of the key points you’ll want to include in your plan, including:

Your Mission and Purpose of Trading
Your Trading Goals
Skill Assessment and Love
Daily Rituals and Actions
Risk Management and Position Sizing
Trading Systems
Market Analysis
Constant and Never Ending Review

By creating a …

Taking Action During Market Panic


In this video, you will learn about taking action during market panic. Although it is never a good feeling to see your portfolio drop in value, taking these three steps will help you through challenging times:

  1. Segregate your portfolio into either a long term investment portfolio or a shorter term trading portfolio.
  2. Decide whether you will buy more of what you have or sell what you have.
  3. Buy the strongest companies which will not only survive but prosper during hard times.

By following these steps, you will be able to navigate tough markets with confidence and find even more …