Exclusively Inviting Farmers

join over 500 farmers who are able to financially retire in 3-5 years with our 'Mango-Pancake' Off-farm passive income system… OR it's FREE + We'll Give you $1000

The same methodology that's helped 500+ farmers transform their farm’s equity into off-farm generational wealth with returns of up to 20% p.a.


Our Philosophy is to aim for Consistent Gains over time... while Always keeping our Money Preserved.

Over 400 Aussie farmers have learned how to begin investing in a much lower risk way, which is why we consistently receive 5-star reviews, getting real results using our common-sense stock investing strategies.

(Broad Acre Farmer)

Ben Taylor
(Wheat, Chickpeas, Sorghum & Cotton Farmer)

Jane Kellock
(Sheep & Grain Farmer)

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A Summary Of Our Meeting …

This is a 1:1 video call (so we can meet each other) and lasts approximately 45 minutes...


We'll look at where you're at with your farm and current financial situation, then we'll look at what's possible for you in the next 90 days and beyond.


We'll look at what your current process of generating off-farm wealth is, see if it's working, what's not working, and what changes are possibly needed to get to your goals faster.


At the end of the call, you will walk away with a personalised action plan based on your current situation to begin your investment and trading journey from where you are now.

Who is Terry Tran?

After taking himself from a $100,000 loss in the trading world to the triumphant growth of a $50,000 investment into a $1.5 million portfolio, Terry travelled the world with his newfound financial freedom. After about 18 months of non-stop travelling and indulging in life's little luxuries, however, Terry found himself lacking purpose and meaning. It also didn't help that most of his friends and family were all working full-time jobs while he had all this time to himself. 

That's what led him to start The Freedom Trader — to help others achieve a similar level of self-actualization.

Now, Terry dedicates his expertise to equip others, including farmers, with the tools needed to achieve financial freedom. With his background of overcoming adversity—starting from his escape from war-torn Vietnam to being raised by a widowed mother in scarcity—Terry understands the importance of resilience, a quality every farmer must embody.

His mission is to empower individuals to break free from the limitations of traditional income sources, much like how farmers strive to diversify and strengthen their revenue streams. Through his comprehensive educational programs, Terry is poised to help farmers navigate the financial complexities of their trade, aiming to enrich not just their fields but also their futures.

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