Have our Blueprint Students Ever Lost Money? 

I normally get asked this question in my Trading Floor Facebook group:

Are there any students of yours that have lost money investing and trading?

Before I answer that question, I want to break it down into 2 separate facets and they are:

  • Have our Blueprint students lost money investing and trading before they joined my program?
  • Have our Blueprint students lost money while investing and trading with my system?

Have our Blueprint students ever lost money investing and trading before joining my program?

Many of my students have lost a lot of money trading Forex, CFDs, Options, Futures, and other leveraged type products, and basically turned their life around by undergoing our Blueprint training.

See the thing with trading these types of financial instruments is that they carry a lot of risks – they’re very dangerous and can financially kill you.

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous ‘mentors’ out there that promote these dangerous strategies to the everyday investor who simply wants to grow their wealth in a safe manner.

I would know – I myself got seduced by the promises they made when I first started my investing and trading journey, followed their advice to the tee, and still ended up losing $100,000 of my hard-earned savings.

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And upon interviewing my students, I’d say about a third of our students have been burnt in the past from these get-rich-quick type programs.

They listened to these dodgy educators and burned their accounts listening to advice that actually didn’t work.

One example I can share with you is Queensland-based Paul Tarrant.

Having listened to these get-rich-quick type seminars in the past, Paul got into leveraged investing, trading mini-warrants and CFDs.

He started off with great leveraged returns, but what he realized eventually is that when those leveraged returns result in leveraged losses, it burns an account (and any previous wins) really quickly.

Within a short period of time, he heart-wrenchingly watched his hard-earned cash burn and disappear, deciding from that point onwards to never touch share trading ever again.

Through pure luck, he stumbled across one of my presentations and decided to give the stock market one more chance after agreeing with the straightforward logic of Blueprint.

Today, he’s generating on average, 18% Return-On-Investment from his portfolio, and is well on his way to replacing his full-time income.

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Have our Blueprint students ever lost money investing and trading while using our system?

The short answer is yes – because that’s the reality of investing and trading in the share market.

If anyone ever tells you they can guarantee you 10 out of 10 wins on the board consistently with their system, walk away immediately.

The hedge fund managers I mentored under were happy to achieve wins on 55-60% of their stocks. They would consider that as having a good year.

My Blueprint students and I get between 70-90% of their stocks right (i.e. are profitable on these particular stocks).

That’s not to say that we’re better than the fund managers. There are so many differences between multi-billion-dollar hedge funds and smaller, individual accounts – many of which give us as individual investors an advantage over them.

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But I want to give you some REAL numbers to set your expectations.

So there you have it. Some of our Blueprint students have lost money following dodgy advice in the past, and many of our students lose money as a natural part of the process but always protect themselves first and foremost.

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