5 simple secrets of worry-free stock investing

5 simple secrets of worry-free stock investing

One of my mentors, Warren Buffett, has a great quote:

“Rule 1: Don’t lose money. Rule 2: Don’t forget Rule 1.”

In other words, don’t be risky with your investment.

When it comes to making money in the stock market, protection is key. Yes, there are many ways to lose money with stocks…

(I should know, I’ve made some big mistakes that cost me $100K…but that’s a story for another day.)

…But that doesn’t mean that stock market investing needs to be risky. In fact, good investing isn’t risky at all!

As I always to say, profit is a byproduct

by Terry Tran

How does Duy Phan get a 90.5% trade win rate?

Here we introduce one of our valuable members Duy Phan who had in the past traded without much success, winning some, losing some and not getting anywhere even after a few years in the game. Then everything changed after Blueprint.

Not only is he getting financial results he never thought possible, but also going out there and paying it forward by giving back to impoverished communities.

If you’ve ever thought about investing or trading and wondered if you can finally get into this, his story will help you get started. Opportunities are everywhere once you know what to do.


by Terry Tran

A newbie achieves an 87% win rate in 6 months?

See how Paul Tarrant, a gas transport commercial operations manager, in a short space of 6 months managed to profit on 65 out of the 74 trades he placed, an outstanding 87.84% win rate resulting in an annualised per trade return of 84.4%!

So if you’ve ever wondered if you can learn how to trade as a total newbie in either the Australian or US markets, his story will inspire you to finally begin. Compounding your wealth doesn’t wait. Time is your greatest friend.

So whether you’re a newbie or veteran to the markets, this video will inspire you to …

by Terry Tran

How to Get Out of a Trading Slump


Turning your portfolio performance profitable by reviewing your trading plan, ensuring it has considered all aspects of the stock and the markets, and factor in as many potential issues as possible so there is always an exit strategy in place.

So first thing is acknowledgment. Secondly, stop and review at least weekly your buys and your sells. Lastly, never waste a mistake where a lesson is not learned.

So today we covered the 3 main keys on how to get out of a temporary trading slump;
1. Make sure you review your trading plan and if you don’t have …

by Terry Tran

How to FOCUS When Investing and Trading


In this video you will learn how to focus when investing and trading the financial markets, so you can profit without feeling stressed out trying to take out a profit every day.

I cover this extensively in our Inner Circle program, but here are a few keys points to help you out;

  1. Don’t. My advice is to never ever compare yourself to others.
  2. Don’t have an expectation of any particular amount of daily profit when you’re investing or trading.
  3. focus on the process. Never the result.

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Hi, It’s Terry …

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