The #1 Biggest Mistake Traders Make When They Start

When you first start trading, it can be very exciting.

You might have learned a few key things about how to invest from reading books, attending a seminar, or going through an online course.

But there’s one particular mistake that almost all new investors and traders make, and it’s something that can be easily avoided.

And that’s this – when people first start trading, they want to get rich quick and make money right away.

I understand where it comes from – most people get into trading because they’re there to make money – and that’s the ultimate result they want to gain from it.

But I believe that it’s a process that takes time.

Slow and steady wins the race

See, when you start, it’s not about the money. And it shouldn’t be about the money.

Instead, it’s actually about building your confidence and getting runs on the board.

Instead of focusing on making money immediately, practice following the trading process day in and day out.

Because it’s only by doing so that you will eventually reap the rewards you seek overtime.

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