This is Andrew Roberts'
Freedom Trader Journey

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Too many people confuse investing and gambling.

Gambling is risky. Gambling is unpredictable. Gambling has no rhyme or reason to the outcome. It’s saying, “I’ll put $100 on black!”and hoping the roulette wheel spins in your favour. For that reason, I don’t like gambling.

Neither does Blueprint student Andrew Roberts... We don’t like risking our money. Especially when there’s an easier way to make money...Andrew describes it like this: “There’s no logic to gambling. Whereas, investing is having a system in place where you’re going to win 80% or more of the time.

Blueprint students get an average of 80-90% strike rate, which means that 8-9 out of every 10 stock picks are profitable. Now that’s an investment worth making! You can also utilise strategy when it comes to investing.

With gambling, there’s not much strategy involved; it’s mainly luck. But just because there’s strategy involved doesn’t mean it’s difficult or complicated... Andrew says, “Terry’s training takes most of the challenge out of investing. All you have to do is do your homework and follow the rules.

Now, you know me. I like things to be boring. Safe. Predictable. Following proven rules to get great results is my idea of a good time. :)


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