Meet Tricia

Why Tricia joined The Freedom Trader team
Before joining The Freedom Trader team, Tricia worked for 20 years in IT while running a side business as a Results Coach. Having accidentally stumbled across the world of investing and trading with The Freedom Trader after a friend told her about us, Tricia's eyes were opened to an entirely new world. Tricia soon fell in love with the logical, easy-to-understand Blueprint process, started getting great results with her investments, and wanted to help other people secure their financial futures as well.

How Tricia helps The Freedom Trader Community
Coming from a strong background in IT and coaching, Tricia brings her passion and expertise in both areas to the table at The Freedom Trader as our Head of Customer Experience. Naturally curious about software and always seeking to help others achieve results faster and more easily, Tricia loves helping our community by answering their questions and helping them move past whatever is holding them back. Her key strengths are her patience, and knack for helping members in a logical, step-by-step manner.

Stock investing/trading, creating/testing systems, and guiding people towards "aha" moments!

Energy medicine (BodyTalk therapy), mind-body connection, and playing around with Excel spreadsheets/VBA for fun!


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