Meet Tara

Why Tara joined The Freedom Trader Team
Finding a team that is as passionate and caring as The FreedomTrader Team does not happen very often. Tara knew instantly this was a team she wanted to be a part of. Working with Terry, who truly cares about each member of TFT Community, resonates with Tara and the positive impact she wants to make in the lives of others.

How Tara helps The Freedom Trader Community
Tara uses her empathy, compassion and genuine love of helping others to support each member of the Freedom Trader Community in any way that she can. Whatever it is that you may need support with, Tara is there to help you and find a solution that suits you. She is dedicated to ensuring each and every member of the FreedomTrader community succeeds in their journey and will go above and beyond to ensure they do!

Tara comes from an engineering background and is deeply passionate about understanding how things work, including stocks and trading. Tara gets a thrill from understanding charts, data and trends. 

Travelling and learning from other cultures, languages, hiking, scuba diving and reading.


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