Meet Manuela

Why Manu joined The Freedom Trader team
With a background in psychology, marketing and sales, Manuela is passionate about helping humans to achieve freedom and create a better society with peace. Seeing that as an education platform, we shared very similar values and goals as she did, Manu decided to join our team to help our students reach their goals.

How Manu helps The Freedom Trader Community
Manu is responsible for translating what we do in the community to other farmers around Australia and the world. She helps us to implement strategies and provide free education for farmers. Manuela is also one of our strategy coaches and helps farmers to get clarity around where they are and where they want to be and build a plan to get there in the best possible way.

Human brain and behaviour, psychology, human psyche, marketing and sales.

Yoga, walking, serving people, spending time with her kids, travelling (she has been to 37 countries!), reading suspenseful story books (such as Agatha Christie) and writing. Manuela has also published a children's book in Brazil.


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