Meet Katherine

Why Katherine joined The Freedom Trader team
When Katherine met Terry and the team she could feel the passion that they brought to their work and their desire to provide their students with the best service they can. She knew that the FreedomTrader team was the right fit for her because she finds passion in supporting others and working towards a common goal. Katherine enjoys working within budgets and expanding her knowledge on the best practices to provide for her family's future.

How Katherine helps The Freedom Trader Community
Whether it's helping community members with their inquiries or carrying out adminstrative tasks, Katherine ensures everything is run smoothly on the back-end. In a sense, she's the 'oil' in the team's well-oiled machine –she makes everyone's life (whether that be in the team or in our community) a much more friction-free experience.

Katherine's background is in Psychology. She really enjoys helping others and making sure people feel understood and supported.

Family time / travel / getting lost and exploring new places.


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