Meet Summer

Why Summer joined The Freedom Trader Team
Having experienced The Freedom Trader firsthand, Summer sees it as a genuine vehicle that can help people change their lives positively, profoundly and practically. She finds Terry's generosity, care and integrity, as well as The Freedom Trader goals, in alignment with her own values. She's proud to stand with the team and contribute to its grand impact on this world.

How Summer helps The Freedom Trader Community
Summer adds her loving, considerate character and her natural curiosity about people to enhance and expand the kind, helpful, generous and close-knit community. She puts her coaching and communications training to great use here, making sure no one is left behind. You'll find she's one of your biggest cheerleaders, always ready to help you take the next step. She loves to celebrate your milestones and you!

Helping people turn their dreams into reality - in their own way.

Writing, dancing, music, movies, great food, deep converstions and genuine people!


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