I'm On The Road Too Often

If you travel a lot you might think it's challenging to be investing and trading.

While one of the advantages of share trading and investing is you can do it wherever you go, it can be off-putting to think about including investing as part of your travel (whether that's for work or leisure).

The good news is, the only resources you need are a laptop, good internet connection, and a proven system that allows you to maximise your returns with little time invested.

With all those tools and resources in place, it's possible to continue creating real wealth on the side while you travel on the go. In fact, it's possible to continue earning money in less than 45  minutes a day while you holiday.

Here's what our students have had to say:

"Something we enjoy but also something that'll help finance our future travels. Quite often we'll go to Stradbroke Island and run the tablet off the solar – we're sitting unattended on the beach trading. You're laughing - how good is that? You can trade anytime anywhere. Our next trip is to Machu Picchu and really looking forward to trading there."

— Jerry Kidd (Boiler Maker)

"We were away in the Hamilton Islands so we were able to have our holiday and we only just spent that 45 minutes to look at the market and we're still able to trade before we go out for the day.

So we're still able to trade during the holidays. I think that's the freedom that The Freedom Trader system provided us."

— Jun Yu (Pharmacist)

"To know that I could be anywhere and still use the system, I don't have to... I'm not locked into any location and I guess; that was Terry's theme behind it – why he calls it The Freedom Trader because quite often he's just floating around with a laptop trading anywhere, and knowing when the market's open and when they close and he's only there for a certain period of time, you put your trades in and then you're done."

— Duy Phan (Construction Manager)

"I’m my own boss now, right? So I can spend as much time as I want doing my pet minding and all of that but I can also do - I take my laptop with me I got the Wi-Fi right? I’m doing my - checking out my stocks and doing all my research and trading or investing away from home doing that so, it enables me to do that not just in my own home but wherever I go, it’s just awesome."

— Sharon Crane (Professional Pet Minder)

"In my kind of work, if I don’t work I don’t earn but in the Freedom Trader if you do stocks, you’ll have the capacity to earn even while you’re not working, even while you’re overseas or you’re on vacation. I think that’s actually my greatest motivation."

— Byron Dy (Nurse)

"Terry and someone in the group has already taught us how to make sure your laptop and your money is safe while you travel, which is really cool because I wouldn't have known that, wouldn't have even thought about it. They've all given their formulas for being safe on the laptop while you travel, so I'm going to feel safe, feel secure and that's important to me to be able to trade while I travel."

— Laura Brown (Retail)

"Oh look the point is if it's on the internet and it's portable, you can do it anywhere. I'll be away for 3 months this year overseas, so it'll be very handy because I do travel a lot, primarily with my work."

— James Doyle (Airline Pilot)

"The thing I like about the Freedom Trader was the ability to be really mobile, you can trade anywhere, we do a lot of beach camping. We’ve taken the laptop - the little mini laptop overseas with us, we’ve taken it on the motorbike... this weather is great for going around in the motorbike in Northern New South Wales and stuff, so we’ve done that and place the trade in the morning."

— Jerry & Valerie Kidd (Boiler Maker & Bookkeeper)


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